About us

The company

OROMINERVA was born from an entrepreneurial idea aimed at enhancing the value of products of the Molise region.

Far from large urban and industrial settlements, surrounded by uncontaminated landscapes and purest water sources, the lush soils generate excellent fruits, which allow us to offer quality products with the true flavours of our past.

The love for the land, handed down from father to son for generations, combined with the skilful use of modern machinery, allows us to obtain a handmade product that is an expression of the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

The Oil Mill

The ALFA LAVAL continuous plant is a small jewel of modern technology, which makes it possible to monitor all phases of the transformation process.

Special probes allow to modulate and control the temperature of the product and of the process constantly. The cold pressing safeguards the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the EVO oil, which preserves the typical aromas and flavours of each cultivar.

The Extra virgin olive oil obtained is bitter, fruity and spicy. These are essential characteristics for a high quality product.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is obtained from native cultivars selected and processed within 24 hours after harvesting, which in some cases is still done manually.

Immediately after milling, the oil is transferred into steel tanks where it is left to decant naturally.

Finally it is bottled without being filtered, so that our customers can relive the emotions and pleasure that our uncontaminated land through its scents and flavours can give.

Food Preserves

They are produced with raw materials from our own land and from trusted farmers.

The cultivation, ripening and harvesting phases are followed personally and constantly.

Our vegetable and tomato preserves, our pestos and spreadable creams express the essence of vegetables and EVO oil that contribute to the creation of a genuine and tasty product, enhanced by the typical recipes of our culinary tradition.

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