Gift Boxes

The pinnacle of pleasure at the table is in the Orominerva boxes, the ultimate expression of goodness, passion and quality. Exclusive proposals that combine different types of products, such as EVO oil, preserves and vegetables in oil, in ideal gift boxes, to which you can add an elegant card with a customized dedication.
Each box is an original and precious idea that gives the person a journey of discovery of new flavours, to make their own and to share.

A good gift idea

Orominerva boxes offer an intense organoleptic experience, to give as a gift or to treat yourself. We arrange the products in a dedicated box; each jar or bottle is inside a specially designed space, for an orderly and harmonious overall view, which is necessary if you want to give the box as a gift. 

The box is also made of sustainable material, a recycled cardboard that is also suitable for various subsequent uses.

A small gift that counts

We offer the possibility of adding a personalised greetings card, printed on a card that is aesthetically perfectly in line with the rest of the box: the message must be entered in the appropriate section before concluding the order. 

With our gift boxes, the pleasure of rediscovering tradition and the wonder of savouring it through renewed flavours that delight and excite beyond expectations.