Pesto & spreadables

Obtained from Orominerva's usual passion for good things, our pestos and creams stand out in the raw material choice combined with the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. Different types of pesto and creams, suitable for vegetarians thanks to the use of cheese with vegetable rennet. They are perfect to create delicious aperitifs, starters, but also first and second courses.

Orominerva's creams and pestos season each proposal with a simple but decisive taste and pleasant creaminess.

The products are gluten, lactose, lysozyme, nuts and garlic free.

Orominerva pestos and patés

With Orominerva's pestos and patés we bring quality to the table by following simple and tasty recipes. We work the raw materials together with our fine extra virgin olive oil, always following the logic of combining a few natural ingredients in an evolved form to achieve a perfect taste balance. 

We discover this through the intense taste and pleasant patéiness of our pestos and patés, exclusive qualities to enhance any type of dish, from the simplest to gourmet preparations. Each pesto has a strong flavour, characterised by delicacy and pleasant persistence; each paté is a combination of exclusive notes that derive from the union between the raw material of origin and our EVO oil.

Goodness that delights with an organoleptic profile different from that of the most common pestos and patés. We combine excellent raw materials according to a philosophy in which quality is a prerogative of the entire production process in order to achieve a precious end result, both in taste and in the alternative proposal of ingredients.

Different from the usual

Our pestos and patés are an alternative to the more traditional proposals. Both are garlic-free, with a more delicate and pleasant taste. 

The pestos are also vegetarian. They contain long-ripened cheese with vegetable rennet, produced by extracting vegetable enzymes from thistle flowers: an ingredient which, as well as meeting the needs of vegetarians, is also appreciated by those who prefer a lighter taste. 

And finally, Orominerva oil makes a notable contribution to the final taste of each dish. We use our own extra virgin olive oil, one of our flagship products, for our pestos and patés. It is a 100% Italian EVO oil with exclusive characteristics that can be appreciated not only in its pure form but also when the oil becomes an ingredient in other recipes such as pestos and patés.

Delicious preparations with pestos and patés

Spread on bruschetta or canapés, used to flavour meat or as a condiment for pasta dishes: in the kitchen, pestos and patés are not only very versatile but also practical goodness.

With an Orominerva paté, for example, it is possible to create an original and quick aperitif by linking the flavour of the paté to bread, a canapé or a crouton; in all cases the incredible goodness of the original raw material will be the protagonist.

The delicious taste of an Orominerva pesto, on the other hand, is ideal for adding flavour to pasta dishes, from the simplest pesto pasta to more elaborate recipes, such as pesto lasagne. 

From the most delicate to the strongest flavours, from vegetarian green pesto to spicy mince or even friarielli paté, every goodness of this product line is an exclusive alternative to enrich any preparation with authentic and delicious flavours.