Vegetable preserves

In Orominerva's preserved vegetables, the goodness of selected products of the earth blends with the quality of a natural EVO oil. Vegetables come from our own production or by trusted farmers are the protagonists. Our extra virgin olive oil is the glue, the decisive ingredient for an excellent products. Nothing else is needed.

Characteristic flavours, combined with the right harmony, ensure that Orominerva's preserved vegetables bring back to the table the taste of good things and the pleasure of enjoying them at all.

Preservatives and garlic free.

Artisanal and preservative-free pickles 

With Orominerva's preserves, we harvest the products of the earth according to the canons of tradition and elevate their flavours in a new way: we obtain goodness renewed by an avant-garde spirit that draws on the values of the past.

Excellent preserved vegetables that bring the attention back to the intense taste of things, an authentic and delicious taste of vegetables in oil that, preserving the naturalness of the original raw materials, achieve a perfect taste balance thanks to the combination of passion and experience. 

Let's start with vegetables, which play a major role in the production of Orominerva's vegetables in oil. Each product is an expression of a product of the land, artichokes, aubergines, tomatoes, raw materials grown by trusted producers or directly by us, 100% Italian, which allow us, among other things, to give our territories the value they deserve. 

We bring vegetables in oil thanks to careful processing, following traditional methods that do not alter the authentic flavours but preserve them, with efficient production flows and according to high quality standards that guarantee healthy and safe products. Every choice is measured, every result is the perfect synthesis between love for our origins and the ability to experiment, every product is a return to good flavours put together in an evolved way.  

All this without using preservatives, just a few ingredients, of which the raw material of origin - which gives the preserved vegetables their name - is the protagonist together with our extra virgin olive oil, a valuable element which contributes to the excellence of our products. 

The Evo oil that makes the difference

The role of oil in vegetables in oil jars is to preserve them by insulating them from the air. But extra virgin olive oil also makes a significant contribution to the taste of the final product.

For preserving vegetables in oil, the best oil is EVO, of a higher quality than any other, which not only preserves its own organoleptic qualities but also ensures that those of the other ingredients are not altered.

The differentiating feature of our vegetables in oil is the oil, an extra virgin olive oil of the highest profile, which we have always produced in an area particularly suited to the cultivation of olives. After the raw material, Orominerva's extra virgin olive oil is the dominant ingredient in the vegetables in oil, a healthy food that is excellent to taste, as can be seen from the jar. 

In fact, an Orominerva jar of vegetable preserve looks different from those we usually see on the shelves. Simple but precious in its graphics, it gives visibility to the contents, vegetables of the highest quality immersed in a clearly intense EVO oil with a vivid and full-bodied colour, an aspect that invites you to taste it.

And it is the tasting that confirms its goodness. Unlike what we are often used to doing, the oil contained in our vegetables in oil is not thrown away, on the contrary: it is an excellent extra virgin olive oil to accompany vegetables in oil as a side dish, and to be reused in the kitchen for any other recipe, even sautéed in a pan. 

Our production of vegetables in oil

The production of vegetables in oil has been with us since the early years of our activity and still has the same motivation as then. For us, goodness is not just an added value, but the prerequisite for the entire production cycle, from the high quality of the raw materials to the implementation of the recipe. Each product is the result of know-how that moves on several fronts towards the common goal of perfection. 

Territory, tradition, but also sustainability and innovation, every single decision for the production of preserves and other products influences the result obtained. For example, we recover the water used for cultivation and cleaning operations from a rainwater management system; 100% of the electricity used comes from green sources. We fertilise our land with organic processing waste. These, like many others, are valuable choices for the common good, as well as for the good of taste. 

And that of taste is one of the most significant. It stems from the ability to assess the quality of raw materials and other ingredients and the skill to put them together in a different way, looking at new trends and the most ambitious desires of consumers. 

Amongst the preserves companies, we are positioned in a niche of excellence, a reference point for consumers who are increasingly attentive to quality and in search of the good taste of things. We produce real flavours, simple and tasty recipes, with a few ingredients of the highest quality: with our artisanal preserves we offer a complete, over-the-top experience of pleasure.