Tomato preserves

In every Orominerva tomato preserve, tradition guides research and methods. Just like grandma's preserves, the selection of raw materials and the processing methods follow simple but essential criteria. Tomatoes grown as in the past and a production process that enhances their goodness without the need for preservatives, guarantee their genuineness.

With our tomato preserves, goodness has a more intense flavour, the flavour of good things as a moment to live and share with pleasure.

From grandmothers' tomatoes to Orominerva tomato preserves

Just as our grandmothers did, with the right timing and methods, dedication and love, so we continue to produce our tomato preserves, with a flavour and aroma that taste of the past. It is tradition that determines them, together with attention to the process and the desire to maximise the authentic taste of tomato preserves.

It all starts, of course, with the raw material. Selected fresh tomatoes, of the highest quality; it could not be otherwise for products like these, in which the tomato is the absolute protagonist. Its origins are essential in determining its freshness: for the tomatoes in our preserves, we rely on trusted growers in neighbouring regions. 

Our tomatoes are 100% Italian and we only add salt to obtain the finished product. We respect the ritual of our grandmothers' preserves so that, in the same way, our tomato preserves are a certainty in the kitchen and at the table. The heady scents anticipate what will be a wonderful experience of pleasure: each Orominerva tomato preserve is a return to the past with a new imprint.

Our tomato preserves 

With fresh tomatoes we obtain different preserves depending on the preparation and the variety of tomato used. In all cases, the texture, colour and smells already say a lot about the quality and flavours that will be revealed to the palate: the goodness of a tomato conserve is revealed at a glance, in the first impact with the product, it becomes clearer when you open the bottle or jar and is fully defined by tasting. 

From simple recipes we obtain preserves such as "spaccatelle", "passata di datterino giallo", "datterini paesani" and the tomato puree, made famous by the award received by Gambero Rosso in 2017 as the best artisanal tomato puree in Italy. Each of these delicacies is created from the union of just two ingredients, tomatoes and salt, and is characterised by a perfect balance between the acidity and sweetness of the tomato, a fundamental quality for any high organoleptic profile preserve.

What seals this perfect union between the two ingredients is the method, the mastery of putting them together without preservatives and without contaminating their authenticity. 

This is how we obtain the goodness of our tomato preserves, a flavour that lends itself to the most varied uses in the kitchen and at the table gives the pleasure of a traditional taste experience in a new form.

Tomato preserves in the kitchen

For first courses, as a condiment for pizzas, but also to be tasted on croutons or bruschetta, there are many preparations that cannot do without tomato paste. From the classic passata (tomato puree) to the conserve with "datterini paesani" or "spaccatelle", each of our products is more or less suitable for certain dishes. 

Passed tomatoes, for example, are essential in the ritual of tomato sauce. Datterini, whole tomatoes with skin in their sauce, have a perfect consistency for preparing an excellent spaghetti with tomato sauce. But also spaccatelle, tomatoes cut in half in their own sauce, are perfect for dressing pasta and likewise pizzas or bruschettas.

In addition to the more traditional recipes, our tomato preserves are excellent allies of the desire to experiment in the kitchen, with maximum freedom of use according to taste. An ingredient of the highest quality which, in the service of the ability to create the right combinations, enhances the final flavour of any dish.