Roots and branches to the fruit

Love for good taste, passion for seeking it out, a demand for perfection. Orominerva products reflect their homeland, Molise, thanks to distinctive, natural and decisive flavours. In 2011 the business started as an oil mill and production of vegetables preserved in oil. Over the years, the range has been enriched with new products including flavoured oils, pesto, creams and artisanal tomato puree, which was awarded by Gambero Rosso as the best in Italy in 2017.

The selection of raw materials is careful to make quality choices: many are local - some grown directly at the company -, others come from neighbouring regions. The desire to preserve the genuine flavours of tradition without altering them is achieved with recipes that are preservatives free, requiring just a few good ingredients.
Elevating the raw material, safeguarding the environment, an action implicitly also aimed at enhancing the territory. This not only concerns the use of the earth's resources, but also the creation of a profitable reality for the place and the commitment to social integration, which the company carries out with concrete actions.

We were Orominerva, we are Orominerva

According to Greek mythology, it was the goddess Minerva who planted the first olive tree on the Acropolis in Athens as a gift to mankind.
We were Orominerva when, in 2011, our brand took on the traditional characteristics of the myth with the depiction of the goddess holding the olive tree in her right hand.
Today we are Orominerva, with a new, essential and incisive image, with a stylised and more modern symbol that preserves the richness of its meanings and the colour gold that still symbolises the tradition and history of the brand.

The pleasure of good things

Preserving goodness, as it is, authentic, made of only good ingredients. And then spreading it through taste: we focus on the quality of the best raw materials and on a simple processing to preserve the naturalness and to enhance the pleasure.
Goodness is not an added value, so we strive to preserve that level of authenticity to which nothing needs to be added. A rich, immediate taste that comes without filters. A ritual of good things.