EVO oil

Orominerva EVO oil is made from selected native olive cultivars. An authentic extra-virgin olive oil, which perfectly preserves the goodness and naturalness of its raw materials, conveying the identity of a territory where olive-growing is a long-standing tradition. The olives are processed within 24 hours of harvesting, in some cases by hand; after pressing, the oil decants naturally in steel tanks and is bottled without filtering.

Our EVO oil is an extra virgin oil that combines the security of high quality with the pleasure of a true and intense taste, as only a product of excellence can do.

EVO oil at the origins of Orominerva

EVO oil, a true and genuine Italian extra virgin olive oil, is the starting point of our business. We started out as an oil mill, benefiting from a location that is particularly suited to the cultivation of olives. The olive tree is a symbolic plant for the history of our land and our company, so much so that in our first trademark the goddess Minerva holds one in her hand.

Orominerva's extra virgin olive oil comes from varieties such as Paesana Bianca, Paesana Nera and Leccino, of which it preserves the best properties, which can be found both in the aromas and in the characteristic taste.

These are indigenous cultivations, which we approach with a mastery that is part of our genetic code; of the extra virgin oil that is born here, in Molise, we have evidence even in the writings of Ancient Rome. It is a cultivation that has always involved us and that we continue to renew every year, following the rules of tradition.

We generally harvest the olives between October and November, respecting the right ripening times and strengthening the link with the land through careful methods, even by hand. Harvesting is a ritual, and it is essential to preserve the typical imprint of the olives in order to obtain an EVO oil of the highest quality.

Immediately afterwards we take the olives to be processed. The milling takes place within 24 hours. We use a small technological jewel, the Alfa Laval continuous plant, which allows cold processing, with temperatures below 27 °C, monitored at every stage. All this takes place at low flow rates so that the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the oil are preserved.

We then let the oil decant naturally until bottling.

Extra virgin olive oil is our original goodness, the first concrete expression of an authentic, elevated taste brought to the table at the highest level of pleasure. It is a distinctive EVO oil of the highest quality that is also a constant of other Orominerva delicacies.

The best extra virgin olive oil

The best extra virgin olive oil is prized, a foodstuff with remarkable organoleptic and nutritional properties. There are many aspects that determine its quality, from the characteristics of the land and the olives to the techniques of cultivation and transformation of the raw material into oil.

In terms of biodiversity, our country boasts an incomparable heritage that favours the cultivation of many varieties of olives and the production of extra virgin oils with different profiles. Italian oil is the best extra virgin, a certainty for consumers, who are increasingly oriented towards conscious, more precise choices, with the ambition of buying the best EVO oil.

But what, in this panorama, is the best extra virgin oil?

There is an important distinction in the reference market in Italy that gives merit to EVO oil such as ours: it is the distinction between the large productions and those of the smaller, generally artisanal, companies to which we belong. In this niche, we work to ensure that Orominerva oil has all the qualities of excellence.

For us, the best extra virgin olive oil is certainly the fruit of a process that combines sustainability and tradition, passion and a bond with the land, in the service of authentic flavours.

These are the flavours of the past, to which we return with our EVO oil, the best example of history and innovation coming together for a true and intense taste.

Selling extra virgin olive oil: price gives merit to the product

In the sale of extra virgin olive oil, there is no competition between the niche market and large-scale distribution because there is no comparison between the two types of oil.

An EVO oil made from precise varieties of olives, using a certain type of method in both harvesting and production, has a higher price than many more commercial ones. And in this sense, price is its value, a benefit to quality.

The price of extra virgin olive oil is an indicator of the authenticity of the product, which in order to be extra virgin must meet certain chemical parameters and rules during production, as well as pass sensory analysis before reaching the market.

Obtaining true flavours like that of our EVO oil involves the use of important resources, especially for the valorisation of the territory, from which everything begins. We receive the best olives from the land and preserve their aromas, without any contamination. We take them straight to processing, to extract the oil cold using an exclusive system and working with meticulous care to preserve all the original characteristics of the olives. We use, for example, a reduced quantity of water that does not dilute the product, safeguarding both the antioxidants and the aromas typical of each cultivar.

Moreover, before going on sale, the extra virgin olive oil is subjected to taste tests, also in terms of taste yield. The search for perfection guides each step until the right flavour is achieved and the best harmony between the organoleptic qualities: an extra virgin olive oil that we offer in different versions and formats, catering for different tastes and price requirements.