Flavoured extra virgin olive oil seasoning

The flavoured oil is an exclusive seasoning to enhance every preparation with natural fragrances and with the EVO oil quality. Orominerva seasonings are made from our exclusive EVO oil flavoured with the best scents, such as basil, lemon, chilli pepper, rosemary and more. A perfect armony preserved by the simple and attractive packaging.

With Orominerva flavoured oil the genuine goodness of olive oil is enriched with delicious nuances, for tastes that give access to an exciting pleasure.

Orominerva flavoured oil

A different kind of condiment, combining the quality of EVO oil with pleasant scents: flavoured oil is one of the most unusual Orominerva delicacies, both in terms of its organoleptic profile and its packaging. We offer it in pretty 250 ml tins, which protect the delicacy of the oil and preserve its special qualities. 

The content is precious, a seasoning obtained from the ability to enhance EVO oil with aromas from selected raw materials, used with the right dosage. All in order to achieve, as always, a harmony of flavours that delights beyond expectations.

The Orominerva range of flavoured oils includes both the more traditional flavours, such as basil, garlic and lemon, and the more unusual flavours, such as black and white truffle. Different paths to discover new flavours and make them your own, flavours to put at the service of creativity in the kitchen both in everyday life and on special occasions; an Orominerva flavoured oil is an alternative condiment to the traditional extra virgin, with equal versatility and above all equal organoleptic qualities.

In fact, it is based on a unique ingredient, our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil with a very high profile.

Not just any oil, but our EVO oil

For a quality flavoured oil, the choice of raw materials from which to extract the flavourings is fundamental, as is the way in which the flavourings are extracted. But even more important is the type of oil that is flavoured: every product in this line is made from Orominerva extra virgin olive oil.

It is a premium EVO oil, obtained from selected indigenous cultivars, cold-pressed from olives harvested in the traditional way and taken straight to processing. It is an oil with an excellent organoleptic profile, expressing the characteristics of our territory, which is particularly suited to the production of high-quality EVO oil. 

Flavoured in the right way, thanks to the use of first choice ingredients, the oil is enhanced and exalted from every point of view. Our flavoured extra virgin olive oil retains the beneficial properties of Orominerva EVO oil, its intensity and pleasant taste, with the addition of exclusive scents.

Each flavoured oil is a sought-after and very versatile delicacy, a condiment that enriches dishes with exclusive nuances of taste while preserving the authentic flavour of an Italian extra virgin oil of the highest quality.

Flavoured oil in cooking

In the flavoured oils the goodness of Orominerva EVO oil is in perfect balance with the delicate notes of the aromas, for an organoleptic profile which is as exclusive as it is versatile.

In fact, flavoured oil can be a perfect substitute for more traditional seasonings when the desire is to add a more accentuated touch of flavour to a dish, whether simple or particular.

With an Orominerva flavoured oil it is possible to season bruschettas, pizzas, first or second courses, whatever preparation you wish to enhance with your favourite flavour. From garlic and chilli pepper, for stronger flavours, to the aroma of basil, oregano, rosemary, lemon and the woodland scents of porcini mushrooms and truffles. 

There is something for all tastes, for different palates but which, as always, have in common the ambition to delight and surprise beyond expectations.