Corporate gifts, why choose Orominerva gourmet boxes

An over-the-top taste experience, elegant and sustainable packaging, a personalised card: our boxes are perfect for those who value corporate gifts.

Regali aziendali, perché scegliere i box gastronomici Orominerva

Corporate food and wine gifts are popular. A useful gourmet gift for employees, customers, suppliers and even colleagues makes the sender spoilt for choice. 

For some time now, corporate gift ideas have been following the trend towards gourmet experiences. 

Along these lines we find traditional gift boxes, but also more exclusive presentations that match the sublime flavours contained within: Orominerva's gourmet boxes are excellent corporate gifts for those who want to surprise with a pleasure that stands out. 

We have created a number of gift boxes, ideas that do not depend on the occasion, but which are certainly perfect for companies during important occasions such as festivities.

There is more than one reason to choose them:

Online gifts that are easier to send and manage

Our gastronomy boxes can be ordered online, which offers a more convenient and business-friendly selection and purchasing experience. 

A dedicated category contains all the proposals, designed to preserve the goodness of Orominerva in different solutions: with the Taste box, for example, we cater for lovers of the most characteristic flavours; with Territory we satisfy the desire to rediscover the authentic taste of the products of the land; or again, with Intensity we tickle the senses of those who prefer stronger but still pleasant and delicate flavours.

It's worth discovering them all; on the page of each box the contents are well explained, to guide the user towards a conscious and accurate choice of the right package, to be sent, if desired, directly to the recipient.

This is a widely used opportunity for corporate gifts: our boxes become online gifts to be sent home, a solution that combines exclusivity of the idea and simplification of logistics. 

Ready-made corporate gift packages

Box Territorio Orominerva
Confezione regalo box orominerva

Much more than the usual basket of typical products, each gastronomic box has a modern and fine style, the same as Orominerva. 

On the inside, the boxes are suitably designed to hold our products, while on the outside they are enhanced by elegant, minimalist packaging. Even the presentation of the boxes expresses what has always been our commitment: to search for goodness in the true essence of the raw materials and to achieve that level of authenticity to which nothing else needs to be added.

We enclose the pleasure of good things in our boxes and offer it without frills, with the prestige and simplicity it deserves. 

In addition, to increase the value, we offer the possibility of attaching a card with a personalised dedication to each box: you can write your message in the appropriate section before concluding your order.

Our boxes are complete solutions, ready-made corporate gift boxes that need no more.

A gift for customers and employees: goodness brings everyone together

Corporate gifts are segmented into different recipients and choosing quality food and wine is a promising choice in every case. 

An Orominerva tasting course is a gift for clients that satisfies the intention to offer a useful gift, without being out of place, and to surprise with refinement. It is a gourmet gift that encompasses passion and love for good things in the quality of our flavours, an invitation to rediscover and share an authentic and rare taste, a luxury that should always be enjoyed. 

It is an original gift for employees, different from the most common packaging. Our boxes go beyond the simple tasting of typical products: savouring becomes a ritual of taste, in which every moment is lived and shared with pleasure.  

Similarly, Orominerva boxes are ideal gifts for suppliers, and also gifts for colleagues; in this type of corporate gift, the desire to amaze has no destination constraints: our goodness puts everyone in agreement. 

Environmentally friendly food gift ideas

Our gift idea is also good for the environment. Each box is made of sustainable material, recycled cardboard, which can also be used for later. But our closeness to nature starts from the inside, at the origins of Orominerva products. 

We have made several choices in this direction. One of these is to make the most of local raw materials or those from neighbouring regions, in all cases of Italian origin and selected from among those who cultivate as in the past and pursue the path of quality. 


Orominerva is located in a beautiful natural area, with pure water and air, and an exceptional microclimate. In production we make sure that all the resources our land offers us are safeguarded from industrial dynamics: we use water recovered from a rainwater management system, we use organic processing waste to fertilise the land, and we use at least 50% of the electricity produced by our photovoltaic system.

Maintaining the healthiness of the environment is the first step towards quality, which for us is not an added value, but the imprint that coordinates our work. 

The gastronomic boxes are the best expression of our idea of goodness, special packages for companies that want to give an intense experience of pleasure in the world of quality.

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