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Between differences, truths and ignored information, there is a world of reasons about extra virgin olive oil that are worth exploring. We do so by telling you about our EVO oil.

What is EVO oil? What are the differences with olive oil? What are its characteristics and nutritional values? There are many, not just these, doubts surrounding the choice of an extra virgin olive oil, an agri-food product of unquestionable value which, as such, deserves to be known as much as possible in all its facets and recognised by others who claim to be such. 

We are in a very complex area in terms of quality; industrial production should be differentiated from artisanal production and among the latter a further distinction should be made: although many oils are classified as extra virgin olive oil, the organoleptic characteristics, nutritional values, production process and raw materials themselves create significant differences between one EVO oil and another. Fundamental distinctions for an informed purchasing choice.    

Through the story of Orominerva EVO oil, from how we harvest the olives to how we offer the finished product, we respond to the needs of consumers who want to rediscover authentic flavours while being able to count on the highest quality:

What is EVO oil: meaning of the term and more

EVO oil is the most natural product obtained from the milling of olives. EVO stands for extra virgin olive oil, this is its meaning; EVO oil, therefore, means nothing else but extra virgin olive oil. 

But more specifically, what does EVO oil mean? 

First of all, as the term extra virgin suggests, EVO oil is a pure, unblended product, which comes directly from the pressing of olives using mechanical procedures. The most favourable for an optimal quality of the oil is certainly the cold pressing, which we carry out in our mill, keeping the temperature always below 27° C. We use a state-of-the-art system, Alfa Laval, which allows us to work in the best possible way towards the final goal: obtaining a very pure EVO oil with an exclusive organoleptic profile. In this sense, Alfa Laval has the merit of having invented the modern oil mill, a new concept of plant conceived and designed for production of excellence.

The care we take in the production of the oil is subsequently reflected in the chemical and physical examination of the final product and its organoleptic properties. In order to be defined as EVO, the oil obtained must meet precise parameters dictated by EU regulations, first and foremost the acidity, which must always be less than 0.8%. Equally important is the organoleptic test through which tasters assess the profile of the oil, in particular the fruity imprint, which determines olfactory and taste sensations linked to the quality of the raw material. 

In Orominerva extra virgin olive oil, the fruity aroma of the olive blends perfectly with the taste, enhancing the flavour of the dishes without covering it up. No organoleptic defects and perfect chemical values of our EVO oil seal a highly respected artisanal production. This is a decisive aspect for being able to define the oil as an extra virgin olive oil. 

Processing alone is not enough; although it is carried out with the right procedures, in order to be able to speak of EVO oil, the oil obtained must also respect the chemical parameters defined by the regulations and have no organoleptic defects. 

Differences between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil

How do you recognise extra virgin olive oil from ordinary olive oil? Although this statement may seem obvious, there are differences between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil that are very significant in terms of the final quality of the product. Not knowing them could compromise the choice of the right oil. 

We have seen that among the prerogatives of an extra virgin olive oil is its organoleptic profile. When the organoleptic profile differs from the required standard, i.e. with different parameters from those laid down, we speak of virgin olive oil, obtained in any case by mechanical processes and without blending, but slightly different from EVO oil in that it has organoleptic defects which, although not very noticeable, affect its quality. The acidity of virgin olive oil can reach a maximum of 2%.

When, on the other hand, the acidity of such oil is high enough - above 2% - to make it unpleasant to the taste and smell, we speak of lampante oil, a product that is not consumed but is generally used as a correction or to be refined and become olive oil.

And here we come to the difference between extra virgin oil and olive oil. Olive oil is the result of refining and then blending refined oil and extra virgin oil. Unlike EVO oil, which is obtained from the first pressing of the olives and immediately bottled, olive oil, as well as the others mentioned above, undergoes subsequent processes before arriving at the finished product. 

These processes determine different characteristics, such as the degree of acidity, which are detrimental to the quality of the oil and perceptible in the taste. The acidity of olive oil must be at most 2%. 

We have always been involved in the production of EVO oil, and we do this in an area where it would be an outrage to produce oils of poor quality or which cannot be classified as extra virgin olive oil. This type of production here has ancient roots and has always been based on the quality of the raw materials and the finished product. 

In order to differentiate the choice, we produce different types of oil, Classico, Intenso and Gran Selezione, with slightly different taste characteristics obtaining, in all cases, a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil: characteristics, calories and nutritional values

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most important foods in the Mediterranean diet. Its value, in this sense, is linked as much to its taste as to its characteristics in terms of nutrition. 

We know that EVO oil is rich in lipids, contains polyphenols and antioxidants, acids but also vitamins and minerals. Extra virgin olive oil has properties beneficial to health, which have always been boasted about and have been confirmed by science in the last century. The unsaturated fats in extra virgin olive oil, for example, help to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the risk of diseases such as stroke or heart attack; polyphenols and antioxidants have a powerful action against free radicals, delaying cellular ageing.

Extra virgin olive oil in cooking is certainly a good ally for health, provided that, as with any ingredient, the use you make of it is always measured against your physical condition. In terms of calories, EVO oil has a very high energy value: it contains around 800 Kcal per 100 ml of product. In fact, it is generally recommended to dose the amount of extra virgin oil using a tablespoon, which corresponds to 15 ml. 

The average nutritional values per 100 ml of our EVO oil are:

  • Energy value: 800 kcal - 3293 kJ;
  • Carbohydrates: 0 g of which 0 g sugar;
  • Fats: 89 g, of which saturated fatty acids 14 g, monounsaturated 68 g, polyunsaturated 7 g, cholesterol 0 g;
  • Protein: 0 g;
  • Acidity: 0.2-0.3%.

Italian extra virgin olive oil

Italian extra virgin olive oil is one of the best agri-food products of our territory. Most of the oils produced and marketed in the rest of the world are the result of blends and corrections with a final quality and organoleptic profile that are in no way comparable to our EVO oil. 

Italian EVO oil is produced particularly in the southern regions, where olive cultivation has a long history. Brought to Italy by the Greeks, improved by the Etruscans and, finally, spread by the more innovative production of the ancient Romans, oil is part of Italy's historical heritage, a product of excellence that preserves remote traditions and customs. 

Raccolta olive orominerva
Lavorazione olive Orominerva

Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% Italian and reflects the uniqueness of our land and the knowledge handed down to us by our ancestors. The olive cultivars used are indigenous, selected varieties that we grow and harvest according to precise rules of tradition; the harvest, which takes place between October and November, is for us a ritual that, as in the past, reinforces the link with the land and evokes a vocation that is more alive than ever. We combine the use of harvesters with manual harvesting, and a skilful use of both methods ensures that the fruit harvested is perfect.

We preserve the characteristics and quality of the olives, bringing them straight to processing within 24 hours of harvesting. It is these prerogatives that determine what happens next: it is from the attention given to the olives, both in cultivation and harvesting, that the quality process of our oil begins, an Italian extra virgin olive oil, good and natural

EVO oil in cooking

The properties and nutritional values of EVO oil are obviously reflected in cooking. Of all the oils on the market, extra virgin olive oil is the best condiment for all kinds of dishes, both raw and cooked. The taste is intense, the smell pleasant, and even the slightly spicy note is a plus.

It is the best oil for a healthy and tasty diet. An important feature of EVO oil is also its 210 °C smoke point - a temperature above which oil becomes toxic. Unlike other oils, such as sunflower or corn seed oil with much lower smoke points, extra virgin olive oil is also better for frying.

Olio EVO sottoli Orominerva

As for us, our Evo oil can also be used as an alternative for cooking with Orominerva vegetable preserves. Every vegetable in oil that we produce is immersed in our extra virgin olive oil, which is not wasted, quite the contrary. This oil can be used both to serve with the pickled vegetables and for cooking. 

Extra virgin olive oil producers: from Molise to Orominerva

The fact that our extra virgin olive oil is so good is also due to areas with extraordinary potential. The olive-growing culture here in Molise has an important history and in recent years there has been a growing desire to bring out this value. 

With the right experience and historical awareness, as producers of extra virgin olive oil we aim to enhance the value of our land through a quality that has many reasons to be among the top in Italy. The olive groves, often over a hundred years old, define the beauty of our landscapes; the olives, ancient and with exclusive characteristics, enhance the agricultural wealth of our region. 

Thanks to an innovative approach, we use our most precious resource, the olives, in such a way as to obtain goodness that is also profitable for our region. After all, our farm is surrounded by wonderful nature, with pure water and air, and with a microclimate that is particularly favourable to the cultivation of olives. This conformation is at the origin of a production of extra virgin olive oil that cannot afford distractions. What we do during processing is a natural continuation of what our origins give us. 

From the cold pressing to the bottling of unfiltered oil, from the amount of water used to the eco-sustainable choices, every phase of production of Orominerva extra virgin olive oil has precise references, nothing is casual.  

This is how we give life to the first goodness produced by Orominerva, an Italian EVO oil, but even more so from Molise. Our extra virgin olive oil from Molise is an oil that stands out with elegance, it can be tasted and discovered with an absolutely extraordinary pleasure.

Evo oil: where to buy it

EVO oil is generally bought from sellers specialising in niche agri-food products; it is difficult to find high-quality extra virgin olive oil on the shelves of large-scale distribution, where it is common to find more commercial extra virgin oils. Price, in fact, is an indicator of the quality of the oil: a high-profile EVO oil has a higher market value. 

You can also buy our extra virgin olive oil online. In the dedicated category in our shop, we offer:

Extra virgin olive oil Classico

Extra virgin olive oil Classic
fruity and with a sweet taste, available in different formats including tins.


Extra virgin olive oil Origine - Gran Selezione
Extra virgin olive oil Top Selection
medium fruity, with herbaceous hints of almond and artichoke.
Extra virgin olive oil Intenso

Extra virgin olive oil Intense
medium intensity with perfect balance between bitter and spicy, available in bottles of different sizes.


Handcrafted ceramic extra virgin olive oil

Handcrafted ceramic extra virgin olive oil
a beautiful line in which our EVO oil is offered in ceramic bottles handmade by local master craftsmen.

The Orominerva proposals meet different needs in terms of taste and price. Among them, it is worth mentioning the line of flavoured oils, in which we combine the goodness of EVO oil with the best scents extracted from equally natural products of the earth, such as basil, garlic, mushrooms, lemon and many others. 

It is our extra virgin olive oil that is the starting point for any product in the oil category, as it has been for us. EVO oil is in fact at the origins of our activity, the first goodness born from the union between quality and intense taste of things aiming at the maximum of pleasure, at an excellence that is not an arrival, but is always the basis for a new beginning.

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