Orominerva is Golden ambassador of the CAP in Italy

Selected from among many excellent Italian realities, our company has been awarded the Rural Network's Best Practice.

Orominerva Golden Ambassador PAC Italia

A new and important recognition for us in a contest linked to the world of agriculture and its virtuous practices: Orominerva receives the Best Practice award from Rete Rurale Nazionale (National Rural Network) and becomes an ambassador of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) in Italy.

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday 24 May 2023 in the evocative monumental complex of the Acquario Romano, where the event Prospettive Rurali (Rural Perspectives) was held, dedicated to telling the story of agricultural work centred on young people, innovation, rurality and networking. It was not easy to choose because Italy is full of beautiful realities like ours.

In this case, our merit is linked above all to our commitment to virtuous practices, which, as we reiterated during the award ceremony, our company has always pursued with projects of sustainability, inclusion and training, recovery and enhancement of the territory.


We work in harmony with the environment from the very beginning. For our factory, we have invested in a self-powered energy system and a rainwater management system, used for cultivation and cleaning. We recycle organic waste from processing to fertilise our land and use sustainable packaging made of recycled cardboard.

Inclusion and training

With the low environmental impact production line, we have involved several young people under 40 from SPRAR reception centres. We have focused on their training, making them an integral part of our company and community by teaching them agricultural practices and food processing.

Land recovery and valorisation

Our land is beautiful but it is not easy to invest here. In fact, Molise boasts a very high agrifood quality but has limitations that often do not allow it to respond sufficiently to a greater demand such as national or even international demand. In recent years, we have also invested in this area in order to meet the market and, most importantly, always maintain quality at very high levels. All this while remaining faithful to our territory. 

We are carrying out a project to recover abandoned olive groves, which is very important for us and for our land. Because, in addition to preserving and protecting precious resources, it allows us to continue producing an excellent extra virgin olive oil, making it available to an increasing number of consumers. 

Let us also remember that our extra virgin olive oil is the basis of many Orominerva products, first and foremost the preserved vegetables.

A shared commitment

The Best Practice award gives value to our specialities, but above all to the way we make them. This is why we say to those who appreciate the excellence of Italian gastronomy: to choose Orominerva is to favour goodness, but it is also to share an important commitment to the environment and social integration.

Premiazione Orominerva
Nico Colicchio Orominerva

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