Orominerva is ‘100% Made in Italy

Our products obtain the prestigious recognition of Federitaly: the mark certifies that raw materials and processing are entirely Italian.

Orominerva 100% Made in Italy

Federitaly rewards our commitment to Italian quality: we have obtained the ‘100% Made in Italy’ recognition, which certifies the value of our production carried out entirely in Italy.

The label has an important value for us and for our consumers. 

It was created to protect the Italian heritage of excellence, to guarantee its authenticity and to make clear the clear difference to the simple ‘Made in Italy’ label. To boast the latter, in fact, it is sufficient to carry out even only part of the production in Italy and it is possible to use semi-finished products from other countries. 

The certification received from Federitaly, on the other hand, proves that all raw materials and semi-finished products are Italian and every stage of processing, including packaging and design, takes place strictly in Italy. This is the reason for the ‘100%’ mark, a symbol that protects the value of the Made in Italy brand, which cannot be contaminated or compromised. 

The mark we now display confirms the origin and quality of our products, and is a source of pride and great satisfaction for us because it demonstrates our great commitment to Italian style.

The certification process

To obtain the mark, it is necessary to undergo a rigorous certification process that involves a double level of analysis, a first documentary phase and a second phase of inspection and verification of the entire production chain. 

The ‘100% Made in Italy’ mark is only issued to companies that meet the criteria of Law 166/09 art. 16: 

[Made in Italy and wholly Italian products 1. A product or merchandise, classifiable as made in Italy in accordance with the regulations in force, and for which the design, planning, processing and packaging are carried out exclusively on Italian territory (...)] is understood to be made entirely in Italy.

Specifically, to be Federitaly certified, products must meet the following requirements:

  • manufacture entirely carried out in Italy;
  • the semi-finished products constituting the products are of Italian manufacture or in any case processed in Italy;
  • the raw materials and every component of the product are of Italian origin or are of foreign origin if production in the national territory is absent or in scarce quantities or qualitatively not first-rate;
  • the design and planning of the products must also take place in Italy and in the company based in Italy;
  • the workmanship, process or methodology must reflect the traditional ones of the country;
  • products must comply with mandatory standards.

These characteristics are fundamental to counter the problem of the abuse of the term ‘Made in Italy’ and the confusion that exists in this regard, to combat the exaggerated competition of products of dubious origin and without any style.

Federitaly is safety for consumers

We are part of Federitaly because it has always supported Made in Italy as a strategic asset of our economic system. The non-profit federation promotes the Italian business culture, defends an excellence that is the result of ancient knowledge and the expression of skill, beauty, authenticity and imagination.  

Federitaly's activity is in favour of all realities committed to true Italian quality, but it is above all a guarantee for consumers

The ‘100% Made in Italy’ certification, in fact, is based on Blockchain technology with intelligent and secure data storage. It is possible to access it via QR Code and directly verify the veracity of the brand. This system guarantees the protection of information, which cannot be altered or tampered with, providing people with a confirmation of the authenticity and origin of the products they are choosing. 

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