Give emotions at Christmas with Orominerva boxes

Add our boxes to your Christmas gift ideas this year: original packages containing a tasting path with our typical products. Sustainable and customisable gourmet gift ideas.

Passion, search for excellence, but also territory, tradition and innovation: we have encapsulated the values that guide our production philosophy in the Orominerva gift boxes. Original gift boxes that go far beyond the usual Christmas hampers.

Our gourmet gifts contain a goodness that crosses the boundaries of ordinary taste, revealing an over-the-top pleasure. Delicious in form and substance, the gift boxes carefully combine various Orominerva products, creating a memorable experience in both taste and emotion.

And never before has it been so wonderful to give emotions as at Christmas.

Give Taste

For us, the love of good taste is an ancestral feeling, which has always driven us to do things according to a precise logic in which quality is the protagonist. We look for good taste and we apply it in our proposals so that they are perfect.

The strength of this value is inside the Taste box, a complete gourmet gift idea because it consists of a selection of all our products.

Gusto contains: our extra virgin olive oil Classico, L'altro pesto verde, artisanal tomato puree, grilled artichokes in oil, lemon flavoured EVO oil.

Give Goodness

For us, goodness has many meanings. It is the authentic goodness of traditional ingredients, it is the goodness of the raw material and the final goodness of our products, in which excellence is manifested.

We have encapsulated all these nuances in the Goodness box, a Christmas package to donate an exceptional tasting experience through the simple but incisive flavour of the best products of the land.

Bontà contains six Orominerva preserves: grilled artichokes, friarielli, whole mushrooms, red garlic shoots, pitted Leccino olives and dried tomatoes.

In this combination of exclusive flavours, a special mention goes to the oil. The oil in the vegetables in oil jars is our own extra virgin olive oil, a 100% Italian excellence that should not be thrown away. It is excellent to accompany the vegetables in oil, but can also be used in the kitchen for other dishes.

Give Pleasure

Pleasure is the destination of every journey undertaken to discover our flavours, involving the senses and surprising beyond all expectations. We want to please and we want to give pleasure as a gift. 

For this reason, our gift packages cannot be lacking in one that celebrates this desire: the Pleasure box gives value to good things, it gives the opportunity to rediscover the naturalness of some of the most characteristic flavours of our territory.

Piacere contains: our Classico extra virgin olive oil, L'altro pesto rosso, L'altro pesto verde, artisanal tomato puree, spaccatelle.

Among the goodness of the Piacere box is our passata, awarded in 2017 by Gambero Rosso as the best artisanal tomato passata in Italy.

Give Intensity 

With intensity we live the feelings linked to our making, and with intensity the flavours of every Orominerva goodness manifest themselves on the palate. The next tasting path gives the intensity of decisive yet delicate tastes, given by natural ingredients that come together in a perfect balance. 

The Intensity box envelops the senses and involves them in a delicious experience in which they discover different flavours and make them their own.

Intensity contains: artisanal tomato puree, friarielli cream, white onion from Isernia, Intenso extra virgin olive oil, rosemary flavoured extra virgin olive oil.

Give Territory

The connection between raw material and territory is essential for us. There is quality of ingredients when there is environmental protection: implicitly our goodness enhances the territory of origin, gives value to our roots, starting from the use of land resources and then extending to other aspects of our production.

The intention is to create a profitable reality for our places through concrete actions of sustainability and social integration

With the Territory box, we focus on the flavours of more classic vegetables and greens, carefully selected raw materials that are preserved in oil with our EVO oil. Six preserves, including the Isernia’s white onion, for a harmony of flavours that naturally recalls the territory.

Territory contains: asparagus, artichokes, aubergines, peppers, courgettes, Isernia’s white onion.

Of particular interest for the protection of biodiversity and social integration is our latest product, the result of innovative but above all ethical choices: the Isernia’s white onion, obtained from a raw material from our territory that is cultivated by the young people of the L.A.I. Cooperative.

Give Passion

Passion animates our choices. It feeds our desire to give a new shape to goodness. Passion, combined with experience, guides us in the research and discovery of flavours that we put together to achieve the perfect taste.

In order to transfer our passion to the outside world and share it, we thought of a package that gives pleasures to be indulged in all the time thanks to versatile products that go well with everything.

This is the Passion box, dedicated to those who love the great classics in the kitchen and at the table.

Passione contains: Classico extra virgin olive oil, artichoke cream, artisanal tomato puree, yellow date puree and chopped olives.

Gift Taste, Pleasure and Passion of Truffles

Among our most recent interests is the truffle, such a precious resource of our territory that deserves to be enhanced. For truffle lovers, we have created new and exclusive boxes containing the latest Orominerva black truffle goodness: these are the Gusto, Piacere and Passione boxes in the truffle variant.

In Gusto al tartufo our classic flavours meet the more special flavours of the black truffle; together with the Classico oil, tomato puree and artichokes in oil we have L'altro pesto verde al tartufo and the black truffle flavoured EVO oil.

Piacere al tartufo has as its protagonist the goodness of our pestos enriched by the nuances of black truffle, two proposals characterised by heady aromas and intense flavour, at the same time delicate and never cloying: they are L'altro pesto verde al tartufo and L'altro pesto rosso al tartufo. Accompanying them in the new box are the traditional proposals, Orominerva Classico EVO oil, spaccatelle and artisanal tomato puree.  

Finally, Passione al tartufo, the box with intense and particular flavours. This box contains the delicious truffle artichoke cream and our truffle olive beat, also with truffles. Together there is the rustic and authentic flavour of the artisanal tomato puree, the flavour of the paesani dates and the quality of our Classico EVO oil.

Gift ideas with dedication and in sustainable material

The packaging of our boxes is entrusted with the promise of an exciting gift in many ways: the boxes are made of sustainable material, recycled cardboard that can be reused. They are presented in a fine, clean style, with a natural appearance that already suggests the value of the contents. 

Finally, each gift box can be combined with a card with a personalised dedication, printed on a card perfectly in line with the Orominerva identity.

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