New taste experiences with Orominerva specialities

Our latest delights offer tempting alternatives to more traditional cuisine. We propose unique flavors, which you'll hardly find anywhere else...

Promising to delight even the most particular palates: these are the new delights from Orominerva, an invitation to explore captivating flavors, even beyond the boundaries of the ordinary. We have dedicated a special category to them: the new product line is born from our innate passion for the world of taste and the constant search for new flavors to make our own. The goal is to offer authentic but renewed gastronomic experiences compared to the more usual proposals.

Our creams in the kitchen

We're talking about spreadable creams. The creams are versatile and practical products, ensuring many possibilities in the kitchen:

  • on bruschettas, nothing simpler to fully enjoy the taste of the cream and to create an excellent appetizer or starter;
  • to accompany cheeses, an evergreen solution to enrich the tasting of cheeses, both fresh and aged, in a creative and tastier way;
  • to dress dishes of fish or white meats, mains that generally pair very well with the creams;
  • in mixed salads, for an exclusive touch that makes the dish complete but especially more flavorful;
  • inside sandwiches or toast, an exclusive and healthier alternative to the usual sauces.

Thanks to their consistency and the rich and distinct flavors, our creams can be used in multiple ways. With the latest arrivals in the catalog, the range of possibilities becomes even wider: the new specialties explore new horizons of taste, to propose traditional dishes in an original way.

Avocado cream

An authentic delight, appreciated for several years now in contemporary cuisine. Our catalog could not miss the avocado cream.

Crema di avocado


With a velvety consistency and unmistakable taste, Orominerva's avocado cream is born from the union between avocado, our EVO oil, and a bit of lemon juice.

As always, the quality of the raw material is crucial: we use Sicilian avocado harvested when it reaches the right maturity, to achieve not only a perfect taste but also a perfect consistency.

And then there's the binder, the oil. Present in a minimal percentage compared to the fruit, it is obviously our extra virgin olive oil, a high-quality ingredient that makes a difference.

Mango cream, also spicy

Crema di mango
Crema di mango piccante

An irresistible combination of creaminess and tropical sweetness: Orominerva's mango cream adds an exotic touch to dishes fueling creativity in the kitchen. It is also available in a spicy version, with the addition of a pinch of chili pepper.

The main ingredient is mango, processed at the right level of ripeness so that it is sweet and juicy. As usual, the recipe is simple and made with few healthy and good ingredients: we add a bit of our EVO oil, lemon juice, and in the spicy mango cream, as mentioned, also chili pepper.

Lemon and orange olive paté

Battuto di olive al limone
Battuto di olive all'arancia

An explosion of Mediterranean flavors and tradition are the foundation of the new olive paté by Orominerva, with lemon and orange. Two intriguing choices where we find the rusticity of Leccino olives enhanced by the unmistakable nuances of citrus.

The olive paté with lemon involves the use of lemon juice and zest together with our extra virgin olive oil; in the olive crush with orange, there are also orange juice and zest.

These are two very characteristic patés, in which the goodness of the main ingredient, Leccino olives, a raw material of absolute quality, dominates, giving the final product not only the characteristic taste but also the perfect consistency.


The new creams reveal our most passionate and alternative side but also renew a commitment that has always distinguished us: to recreate the harmonious union between quality and the intense taste of things, aiming for excellence. We do this by skillfully combining high-quality raw materials and the art of traditional processing to achieve intense pleasure experiences, given by natural ingredients free of additives and preservatives.

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