Orominerva artichokes in oil among the best according to Gambero Rosso

Once again we are among the favourites of expert tasters: here is how our artichokes in oil have conquered their palates.

Carciofini sott'olio Orominerva, tra i migliori secondo Gambero Rosso

"The structure is moderately firm, soft but not mushy, the appearance of the vegetable is rustic but well hulled, the oil correct. The aromatic palette is delicate but multifaceted: notes of vinegar and vinous reminiscences, but also the vegetable charge of the vegetable, with its strong and gentle sweet/bitter notes and typical slight astringency. Perfect flavour, persistence, cleanliness and precision on the finish."

These are our artichokes in oil, as described by the Gambero Rosso experts.

The Orominerva artichokes, in fact, took part in a blind tasting test carried out by professional tasters who evaluated 56 references and selected the best among them.

Orominerva artichokes in oil were judged to be of excellent quality, among the best in the Gambero Rosso 2022 classification!

I carciofini sott'olio Orominerva
I carciofini sott'olio Orominerva

Our artichokes are processed fresh in an artisanal way, lightly blanched to preserve the consistency and goodness of the raw material, and are among the most popular and requested artichoke preserves by our customers. This type of vegetable preserve is generally one of the most popular, and produced with great interest by small companies belonging to the most exclusive niche of Italian agri-foodstuffs, one that promotes a return to the products of the land in an increasingly particular and innovative way.

It was not easy to emerge in such a context, and to succeed again was fantastic. "Again" because already in 2017 our tomato puree was proclaimed as the best in Italy, in first place among artisanal ones, again by Gambero Rosso. And in a completely spontaneous way. 

Trials and evaluations of this kind take place periodically, and it is the experts who choose the references and select the best of them all. 

Different evaluation criteria are used. In the case of artichokes, attention was paid to aspects such as the presence of vinegar, which must not be excessive, the citrus note which must not be overpowering, the herbs and spices which must not cover the artichoke. But above all, the oil, the most insidious part for preserves of this type. A defective oil, in fact, even if it is extra virgin olive oil, ruins the goodness of the artichoke; a neutral oil, made from sunflower seeds, respects the vegetable but is not comparable to a quality EVO oil. 

The best is to have an artichoke in delicate and correct extra virgin olive oil, free of defects. 

We have always paid great attention to this aspect. For our artichokes, and all other artichoke preserves, we only use our own 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, an oil that you can enjoy with great pleasure. Even in the jar.

Carciofini sott'olio Orominerva in olio evo

In fact, Orominerva oil in artichokes can be consumed together with the vegetable as a side dish or used to season other dishes, even for cooking, in a pan. To throw it away would be a shame, as well as a waste. 

In this sense, we strive to ensure that the use of the resources we have is optimal and functional for the well-being of people and the environment. This contributes to our quality, which has been tasted and recognised more than once by experts. 

Would you like to try it too? Do it with our artichokes in oil selected by Gambero Rosso.

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