Orominerva artichokes in oil are tender artichoke hearts, washed and blanched. They are seasoned with our high-quality EVO oil, an exclusive ingredient to accompany artichokes or to be reused in cooking.

Gambero Rosso listed it as the best artichokes in EVO oil in 2022 and in the Top Italian Food 2023 guide.

Ideal for serving with cold meats and cheeses for tasty starters, our artichokes in oil are also delicious stewed or stuffed in the oven. 

Garlic-free. Preservatives free.

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210 g


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Why choose Orominerva artichokes in oil?

The quality of Orominerva artichokes in oil has been judged by the Gambero Rosso tasters. A blind test, among many others, that has once again brought us into the good graces of the experts: our artichokes have been included among the best in the Gambero Rosso 2022 ranking!

Tender and appetising, our artichokes in oil preserve the extraordinary qualities of the fresh artichoke heart. This is the inner part of the vegetable, the most tender and digestible, and rich in beneficial properties. To preserve these characteristics, we take great care in every aspect of their production, starting with the choice of the best raw materials.

This care is evident in the unique flavour of our artichokes in oil, and in the perfect taste balance between the highest quality ingredients.

We do not use preservatives or garlic. Instead, we add our own extra virgin olive oil, which helps to make Orominerva artichokes in oil as natural in taste as they are exclusive.

Starting from the past, from the simple recipes of the past, and evaluating all the aspects that contribute to the excellence of the product, we arrive at artichokes in oil that amaze with their goodness of flavour and wonderful texture. 

Artichoke hearts in EVO oil

As much as the raw material used may be first-rate, it is the other ingredients and the way the artichokes are made in oil that enhance the taste and quality of the artichokes.

We do not use garlic in our range of artichokes and, above all, we do not use any preservatives. After gently washing and blanching the artichoke hearts, we put them in the jar together with a precious condiment that is valuable both for the final taste of the artichoke and for its nutritional values: our 100% Italian, top quality EVO oil.

Orominerva oil enhances the goodness of artichokes to the point that, served as a side dish or in appetisers, it is recommended to use it as a condiment. The oil from our artichokes is a valuable extra-virgin oil, which it would be a shame to throw away; as well as accompanying the vegetables themselves, it is also excellent for cooking or flavouring any other dish.

Inspirations for recipes with artichokes in oil

Our artichokes in oil deserve to be tried as they are, au naturel, to enjoy their delicious flavour.   

They are excellent as appetisers with cold meats and cheeses, but are also particularly tempting when cooked as the main ingredient in a variety of recipes. For example, artichokes in oil stewed with white wine and mint can be served as a side dish, or baked in the oven with breadcrumbs and parsley as a main course. 

Whatever the idea, our artichokes make for a delicious taste, especially when served or cooked with Orominerva EVO oil inside the jar.

Artichokes origin Italy (64%)

Extra virgin olive oil (35%)

Wine vinegar


Energy values: 327 kcal - 1350 kJ

Carbohydrates: 9,0 g, of which sugars 0 g

Fat: 31,3 g, of which saturated fatty acids 5,0 g

Protein: 0,9 g

Salt: 0,4 g

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