Orominerva mushrooms in EVO oil ready for winter

From the processing of the raw material to the recipe, we explain how we obtain our mushrooms in oil, a speciality that can be eaten all year round.

I funghetti sott'olio Orominerva pronti per l'inverno

Winter preserves give us the opportunity to enjoy the goodness of some vegetables and greens even out of season.

Among the most popular are mushrooms, which are actually not exactly vegetables but belong in a category of their own; mushrooms grow in an extraordinary habitat made up of many other organisms and inherit aromas and organoleptic characteristics from it. The harvesting period is autumn, the same time when we can eat them fresh. Preserving them in oil, however, allows us to preserve all their goodness so that we can enjoy them at any time of year, especially in the cold months, when they are a delicious side dish but also a valuable ingredient for many preparations.

With our mushrooms in oil, we have created a speciality that enhances the aromas of the forest and preserves the texture and nutrients of the raw material. They are seasoned with our top-quality EVO oil. 

Recipe and method combine to make Orominerva mushrooms a high-profile pickle in oil. We show you why.

Harvesting, cleaning and cooking the mushrooms

We use whole mushrooms for our pickling. As with all Orominerva goodness, the raw material is fundamental to the quality of the product obtained, which is always Italian and comes from Molise or neighbouring regions, from trusted growers who share with us a concern for the land and its resources.

Funghetti champignon interi Orominerva

As soon as the best champignon mushrooms arrive at the farm, they are cleaned, an activity we carry out delicately by hand, removing any residual soil.

Pulizia funghetti Orominerva
Funghetti Orominerva interi puliti

The cooking phase consists of lightly blanching the mushrooms, a method that allows them to be cooked to the right point without losing their crunchiness. This also contributes to the excellent texture of the mushrooms in oil, which is often penalised in more common pickles.

Scottatura funghetti Orominerva

The recipe for our mushrooms in EVO oil

Once blanched, our mushrooms are ready for seasoning. The recipe for mushrooms in oil is simple, involving just a few good ingredients: we add a little parsley and chilli to the mushrooms, mix them well and, once flavoured, place them in jars.

Funghetti Orominerva conditi
Funghetti Orominerva in vasetto

This is where our most precious resource, extra virgin olive oil, comes into play. We fill each jar until the mushrooms are completely covered with our EVO oil, 100% Italian and produced entirely in our territory, from the cultivation and harvesting of the olives to the pressing in our mill.

The oil often determines the goodness of the pickled product, a defective or poor quality oil can penalise even the best raw material, fresh and well seasoned. The best is to use defect-free, delicate, authentic extra virgin olive oil. Our oil ensures an excellent final taste, in which all flavours are in perfect balance and the raw material is enhanced in all its original goodness.

Since it is a high quality extra virgin olive oil, it is possible to consume it. In fact, the oil in the jar should not be thrown away at all because it is excellent with mushrooms, for cooking or seasoning other dishes. 

In short: zero waste and maximum pleasure! 

Finally, remember that, like all pickles, whole mushrooms are artisanal and free of any preservatives.

Funghetti sott'olio Orominerva artigianali

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