Whole mushrooms

Orominerva mushrooms in oil are made from carefully cleaned mushrooms, lightly blanched, seasoned with parsley, chilli and our excellent EVO oil.

Ideal for the classic boscaiola sauce, our mushrooms in oil are great for enjoying the characteristic winter flavours all year round.

Garlic-free. Without preservatives.

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210 g


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Why choose Orominerva mushrooms in oil

Mushrooms in oil combine the aromas of the forest with the more classic flavours of the other delicious ingredients we use to season them. In order to make excellent mushrooms in oil, we start with the raw material, the champignon mushrooms, which we carefully select, clean and process with the same care.

We wash them by hand, then lightly blanch them and add them whole with parsley, chilli pepper and our extra virgin olive oil. 

We do not use preservatives or garlic. We use a simple recipe in which only real and natural flavours are combined, which we do not contaminate, but skilfully put together to achieve a perfect taste balance. 

In such a tasty context, the contribution of our EVO oil is remarkable: we coat the mushrooms with Orominerva extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian and of the highest quality.

Whole mushrooms

We use a light and delicate raw material for our mushrooms in oil. One of the most common varieties in Italy, mushrooms are good and nutritious, with organoleptic qualities that we preserve in all their goodness to be offered in a delicious oil.

We leave the mushrooms whole, obtaining a harmony of sensations that also covers the product with beauty: our mushrooms in oil are presented in all their particular consistency inside our EVO oil, lively and intense, visibly precious. 

This is how the right harmony is born: from the ability to know how to evaluate all the aspects of the product to offer a new experience, which goes well beyond the satisfaction of the palate, giving a more intense pleasure, to be remembered.

How to enjoy mushrooms in oil

The goodness of mushrooms in oil is immediately apparent: when you open the jar, their appearance immediately invites you to taste them. On the palate they confirm their qualities, perfect for accompanying main courses. As a side dish, Orominerva mushrooms can also be served with a little of the extra virgin olive oil in their jar, an exclusive condiment that can be reused in the kitchen.

And then there's the imagination, for which our mushrooms in oil are invaluable: from the classic woodland sauce to sandwich fillings and cold dishes, their typically wintery flavours delicately enrich any preparation.

Champignon mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus) origin Italy (67%)

Extra virgin olive oil (32%)

Wine vinegar


Spices (parsley) 

Energy values: 122 kcal - 510 kJ

Carbohydrates: 9,9 g, of which sugars 0,4 g

Fat: 4,5 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0,6 g

Protein: 3,1 g

Salt: 1,8 g

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