Summer aromas all year round with basil oil

From our highest quality EVO oil combined with fresh basil we obtain a delicate and versatile seasoning with exclusive properties and origins.

Olio al basilico Orominerva

With its unmistakable scent and fresh, light taste, basil is one of the most popular aromatic plants in Italy and an icon of our culinary tradition. Also appreciated for its nutrients and healing benefits, it is in the gastronomic field that we like to enhance its properties through simple recipes to obtain authentic and genuine flavours.

Besides the most traditional of uses - freshly picked leaves - basil can in fact become a special ingredient for a delicious and quite versatile condiment. This is our basil-flavoured oil, made from a combination of Orominerva EVO oil and fresh basil.

On its own or in addition to fresh basil

Olio aromatizzato al basilico Orominerva

Basil oil complements dishes with the intense flavour of extra virgin olive oil and the olfactory and taste nuances of freshly harvested basil.

A complementary seasoning for those who do not want to give up the classic leaves; together with them, basil oil completes the dish with originality, bringing out even more of the fragrances of the aromatic plant.

So it is a must-try on pizza.

At the end, a drizzle of Orominerva basil oil enriches even the traditional margherita presented with its ever-present basil leaves with a special touch.

An alternative extra virgin olive oil

Olive olio evo Orominerva

Used instead of the classic oil, our basil-flavoured oil allows you to season without giving up the goodness of EVO oil. To prepare it, we use Orominerva extra virgin olive oil, unique in quality and origin. Not a second-rate oil, but one produced by us, true and genuine, 100% Italian and obtained from olives of our territory, the Leccino, Paesana bianca and Paesana nera varieties. In order to cultivate and preserve these raw materials, we are pursuing a sustainability and biodiversity project aimed at recovering ancient abandoned olive groves widespread in Molise, a land historically dedicated to oil production.

An alternative condiment of unquestionable qualitative but also ethical value. 

In summer and beyond

Basil expresses all its vigour in the summer and with its organoleptic qualities offers nuances of flavour and fragrance perfect for cold summer dishes. From salads to pastas, from light fish to white meat main courses, the versatility of our basil oil means that this condiment can complement most summer dishes very well.

Try it also on a bruschetta, perhaps for a tasty aperitif in the company of a bubbly or a good white wine.

And with oil, pleasant summer sensations are available all year round. Basil-flavoured oil is in fact the right condiment to enjoy the characteristic aromas of basil at all times, even in the winter months. 

We supply it in a special tin container, which protects the product from light and ensures that the oil retains its fragrance and delicacy over time.

A pleasure for ambitious palates: try our basil oil!

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