Courgettes or aubergines in oil? Better both!

Artisanal and preservative-free, our aubergines and courgettes have two sublime flavours obtained from a single logic: perfection. That's why they are among the most popular products.

Zucchine e melanzane sott'olio Orominerva: meglio entrambe!

Typically summery, allies of physical well-being and perfect side dishes for many dishes, aubergines and courgettes in oil always have a place in the pantry. Among the favourite preserves of Italians, there is no hesitation in the choice: more often than not, our customers take them both!  

In oil aubergines and courgettes can be eaten all year round, with the benefit of enjoying the properties and organoleptic qualities of the raw materials, freshly picked. We choose the best, cultivated as in the past with respect for seasonality and the land, and strictly Italian.

We process them as our grandmothers did, following the traditional recipe, preferred also by those who still prepare these preserves at home; we offer the convenience of a ready-made jar, together with the high quality of the ingredients and an over-the-top taste, which is not that of the most common large-scale retail oil in oil. 

Our sottoli are products of high gastronomy, based on one demand: that they taste perfect. To meet this demand, we put in place a true craftsmanship, based on respect for nature and time, which leads us to reward quality rather than quantity.   

With great satisfaction, this allows us to bring the flavours of the past back to the table. For courgettes and aubergines in oil, we have enhanced the taste of two much-loved products of the earth, offering them with original organoleptic characteristics, without alterations and above all without additions. In fact, all Orominerva products have no preservatives.

Aubergines in oil

Le melanzane sott'olio Orominerva

We cut the aubergines into fettuccine, by hand, and blanch them slightly so that they remain crispy. We season them with a little parsley and chilli pepper, in very small percentages, which add flavour and make the overall taste richer, always very delicate and never strong. There is no garlic, which could often disturb or create problems in digestion.

We round this off with a precious ingredient, our 100% Italian, high quality EVO oil.

You can use Orominerva aubergines in oil to season sandwiches, to prepare various meat recipes, to enrich an appetiser or to accompany a main course. At least one taste, however, should be devoted to the aubergines in oil as they are, the aubergines just taken out of the jar and without draining them because the oil is extra virgin olive oil, which is excellent to consume. 

Courgettes in oil

Le zucchine sott'olio Orominerva

We use baby courgettes, which we cut into thin rounds. Then we put them in the sun and wait for them to be dried, ready to go in oil. We do not speed up the time with industrial processes, but respect nature's time: the drying process takes place according to peasant tradition and helps to preserve the aroma, flavour and nutritional values of the freshly harvested courgettes.

Before placing them in the jar, we season them with a little oregano and parsley, and finally cover them with our EVO oil, a common ingredient in all the products in our catalogue. The courgettes in oil also contain no garlic.

Orominerva courgettes in oil are delicious in taste but also in texture. They remain crunchy and very pleasant to taste, they perfectly support the extra virgin olive oil, which accompanies them in the best taste, try them au naturel to fully enjoy their goodness. 

The common points

The raw material changes between courgettes and aubergines in oil, but the taste is for both sublime and linked to common properties:

  • crunchiness; the way we process them and the attention we pay to this phase is fundamental to obtaining an excellent consistency and avoiding the vegetables being soft. Both, like all our products, are crispy and pleasant to taste;
  • extra virgin olive oil; we only use our own EVO oil to ensure that the end result is excellent. A mixed or defective oil, in fact, spoils the goodness of the raw materials, a flaw for many sottoli. Orominerva courgettes and aubergines, on the other hand, are enhanced by the quality of our oil, which, by the way, can also be consumed separately from the vegetables, to season or cook other dishes. A point also in favour of reducing waste;
  • lightness; the recipe for courgettes and aubergines in oil does not include garlic, which can often be disturbing or not tolerated. The vegetables are thus lighter, more delicate and easier to digest;
  • no preservatives; we use only a few high-quality ingredients, no additives. Aubergines, courgettes and all our products need nothing else; we preserve their nutritional values and naturalness.

We get two excellent flavors united by the same idea of goodness. Why choose? Aubergines and courgettes in oil deserve to be tried both!

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Orominerva courgettes and aubergines in oil