Orominerva aubergines in oil are very tasty: hand-cut and lightly blanched aubergine fettuccine, seasoned with parsley, chilli and our high-quality extra virgin olive oil. 

Fleshy, firm and crunchy, our aubergines in oil are recommended for use as an appetiser with cold meats, bruschetta and toasts, and as a delicious side dish for meat-based main courses.

Garlic-free. Preservative-free.

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210 g


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Why choose Orominerva aubergines in oil?

Among the most popular and widely consumed flavours in our country, aubergines are a speciality in terms of both taste and beneficial properties. Under oil, in slices, our aubergines preserve the original qualities of an excellent raw material grown in our own or neighbouring areas.

We process the aubergines by hand, washing them and cutting them into compact, fleshy slices; we preserve them in oil with our top quality EVO oil, together with parsley and chilli pepper. A simple combination of natural ingredients that enhance the authenticity of aubergines and enrich them with delicious flavour nuances. 

The taste yield is excellent: aubergines in oil with a fragrant texture and intense flavour, in which all the organoleptic qualities are perfectly balanced. It is an accord of sensations that we achieve thanks to our ability to evaluate the raw material and the other ingredients to combine them in an evolved form, which is an essential prerequisite for our production.

We do not use garlic or preservatives. The recipe for our aubergines in oil is simple, made only from the good flavours of tradition. 

Garlic-free and preservative-free aubergines in oil

We focus on the raw material. We focus on the goodness of the aubergines and we take it to the highest level. We do not need preservatives to achieve the quality that distinguishes our vegetables in oil: we put our sliced aubergines in oil together with other authentic and natural flavours, the only ones that count to achieve true pleasure. We also do not use garlic.

The love of good taste and the demand for ours to be perfect guide us towards a precise search for ingredients, to be combined in harmony. We add parsley and chilli pepper to the aubergines in oil, while another exclusive flavour completes the dish: Orominerva's 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil from a region with a strong olive-growing identity. 

It is a delicacy that should be enjoyed to the full. EVO oil is excellent to accompany our aubergines at the table, but it can also be used in the kitchen as a condiment for other dishes. In this case it is enriched by the light aroma of the chilli pepper with which we season the aubergines.

Serving aubergines in oil

In addition to their taste, aubergines in oil are appreciated for their versatility in the kitchen. Starting with an appetiser, aubergines in oil can be used to enrich platters of cold meats, to dress bruschettas or to create tasty croutons to which smoked provola cheese can be added.  

And while we're on the subject of quick preparations, the goodness of our aubergines in oil also adds a touch of deliciousness to sandwiches, especially gourmet sandwiches.  

The classic combination of aubergines as a side dish for meat dishes is also a must. And finally, a tip for enjoying their flavour to the full: before using them in any recipe, try our aubergines in oil as they come in jars and let yourself be drawn into a memorable experience of pleasure.

Aubergines origin Italy (67%)

Extra virgin olive oil (32%)

Wine vinegar


Spices (parsley, chilli)

Energy values: 292 kcal - 1221 kJ

Carbohydrates: 5,0 g, of which sugars 2,4 g

Fat: 31,3 g, of which saturated fatty acids 7,8 g

Protein: 1,4 g

Salt: 0,6 g

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