Orominerva courgettes in oil are thinly sliced, sun-dried courgette. They are seasoned with oregano, parsley and our top-quality extra virgin olive oil.

They are crispy and tasty courgettes in oil, ideal for starters or as a side dish with the best fish and meat dishes, and even for making basil and courgette pesto. 

Garlic-free. Preservative-free.

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210 g


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Why choose Orominerva courgettes in oil

With Orominerva courgettes in oil we preserve the aromas of summer, the flavours and crunchiness of fresh courgettes for year-round enjoyment. We use selected raw materials, top-quality, seasonal courgettes that are tasty and have excellent nutritional properties, which we cut into thin slices to dry in the sun.

We preserve the dried courgettes in oil along with other natural ingredients: oregano, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. As with the entire line of Orominerva vegetables in oil, we use our own EVO oil for the courgettes, an excellent product of ours, obtained from native olives by cold extraction. 

We do not use preservatives or garlic. We allow only quality to guide every choice, from the raw materials and ingredients to the process of transformation in oil.

This recipe, made up of only authentic goodness and meticulous attention to every step of production, gives us crispy, delicate and very tasty courgettes in oil, a delight with a perfect balance of flavours. 

Crispy, sun-dried courgettes in oil

Orominerva courgettes are sun-dried. We prefer processing methods which, starting from a very good raw material, allow us to preserve its goodness and raise it to the highest levels of pleasure. 

We work the courgettes by hand, with care: we wash them and, once dry, we cut them into thin slices that we put to dry in the sun, respecting the right times. We use this ancient technique, which is less industrial and has zero environmental impact, because it is particularly suitable for enhancing the flavour of the courgettes and concentrating every nuance in the slices.

The result is crispy courgettes in oil, which are not only delicious, but also have a unique texture that helps to make this in oil a unique, authentic and delicious delicacy.


Recipes with courgettes in oil: ideas and inspiration

An excellent ingredient for a variety of recipes, but that's not all: our courgettes in oil are great to enjoy as a side dish or simply eaten au naturel with a little of the EVO oil in the jar.

The same oil, our high-quality extra virgin olive oil, can also be used to cook the courgettes or any other ingredient in the recipe. 

From the filling of exclusive sandwiches to the creation of appetisers or finger food for aperitifs, from the preparation of a delicious pesto to the dressing of exclusive main courses such as fillet of sea bream, the flavour and crunchiness of our courgettes in oil make dishes more appetising, beyond all expectations.

Courgettes origin Italy (67%)

Extra virgin olive oil (32%)

Wine vinegar


Spices (parsley, oregano)

Energy values: 161 kcal - 673 kJ

Carbohydrates: 5,6 g, of which sugars 1,4 g

Fat: 13,1 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0,7 g

Protein: 2,14 g

Salt: 1,02 g

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