How and why to reuse Orominerva oil in vegetables in oil jars

The second cycle of our EVO oil: you can use the oil in our pickles for cooking and minimise waste.

Come e perché riutilizzare l'olio Orominerva nei sottoli

For centuries, preserving vegetables in oil has brought together the need to stock up on winter preserves and the pleasure of sharing a tradition and passing it on. It has always been imperative to use extra virgin olive oil in which to soak vegetables; the latter has a very high resistance to oxidation and guarantees optimal preservation, as well as taste.

The generations that preceded us knew this well, and we know it well, who have made our extra virgin olive oil a fil rouge for every Orominerva recipe, especially that of the preserves.

We cover our excellent raw materials only with our oil, an extra virgin olive oil obtained from local olives from our territory, historically vocated to oil culture, Molise. It is here that, for several years now, we have been carrying out a project to recover abandoned olive groves in order to breathe new life into the resources of our land and produce an excellent oil.

This is a commitment that we have also made to sustainability - which, by the way, was one of the reasons why we were awarded the Golden Ambassador of the CAP in Italy - and it is a commitment that our consumers can share.

In fact, you too can contribute. Simply by reusing the oil contained in Orominerva's preserves.

Reuse oil because it is good

Oil is the most insidious part of preserved food. Sunflower oil used in industrially preserves production respects vegetables, but does not guarantee the superlative flavour of EVO oil, which instead makes a considerable contribution to the final taste of the product. It is also important that the oil, albeit extra virgin, is free of defects.

The value of our oil was also recognised by the experts of Gambero Rosso, when they included our artichokes in oil among the best in Italy - they are in the Top Italian Food 2023 guide - and gave the oil an important merit in terms of quality.

Carciofini sott'olio Orominerva con olio evo

So why throw it away?

You can use the oil inside our pickles to accompany the same goodness, whether enjoyed as a side dish or as an appetiser. But you can also make different uses of it in the kitchen.

For sautéing specialities, for example, for stir-frying and for any other preparation that requires cooking with oil. After all, you know that extra virgin olive oil is the best for cooking in terms of both nutrients and taste.

Finally, with our oil you can dress salads, grilled vegetables, bruschetta and cold dishes.

Reuse oil to reduce waste

Germogli d'aglio Orominerva sott'olio
Zucchine sott'olio Orominerva con olio evo

And here we come to the ethical part: reusing our oil will allow you to totally consume the product you have purchased, without any waste

It will also be good for your spending, because each jar contains enough oil to cook or season even more than one dish, saving you money

And you will be good for the environment. You won't have the worry of having to dispose of the residual oil. 

It is our own oil, the same oil you find on sale, not a second choice: it would really be a shame to throw it away!

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