Top Italian Food 2023: Orominerva artichokes and passata in the Gambero Rosso guide

Premi Top Italian Food Orominerva

Gambero Rosso chooses Orominerva: we are in the Top Italian Food 2023 guide with the artichokes in EVO oil and the artisanal tomato puree

We received the awards during the event in Rome on 18 December, dedicated entirely to the excellence of Italian gastronomy, to a niche sector and its producers, who continue to believe in authenticity and goodness, bringing back to the table the flavours of the past.

Gambero Rosso has always told the world about this quality, and for us it is a great pride to appear in a guide that officially attests to the value of what we do.

The Top Italian Food is enriched every year with new references from the North to the South of Italy, selected and awarded by the panel of experts who constantly search for the best products. The flagship of the chosen ones is craftsmanship.

Premiazione Orominerva Gambero Rosso, Top Italian Food 2023

As explained by Fiorella Mazzei of Top Italian Food, the editorial board meets several times a month for tastings, following a great work of scouting and selection. Only a few months ago, our artichokes in evo oil were already the protagonists of a blind tasting, and included in the ranking of the best artichokes in oil

The award received by Gambero Rosso in Rome is therefore a confirmation of excellence for the artichokes, but also for our tomato puree. In 2017, using the same criteria, the Gambero Rosso experts had tasted dozens of artisanal tomato purees, drawing up the ranking of the best: in first place was the artisanal tomato puree Orominerva!

The double recognition of Top Italian Food is a great stimulus for us, and suggests that the road we took more than a decade ago is the right one. We continue to believe in our products, in our land, and in the value of our resources, so that Orominerva is also a profitable reality for the territory. 

We will always do better, towards new and ambitious goals. This is an anticipation, not just an intention: new projects are already a reality, and will soon be online...

Nico Colicchio e Mauro Vacca di Orominerva

Nico Colicchio, Orominerva owner, and Mauro Vacca, Orominerva sales manager.

Nico Colicchio di Orominerva e Fiorella Mazzei della Top Italian Food

Nico Colicchio, Orominerva owner, and Fiorella Mazzei, Top Italian Food editor.

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Our artichokes in oil and artisanal tomato puree