The goodness of Orominerva's preserves

A few natural ingredients for a taste far removed from common expectations: let's discover the value of our preserves and the quality process that leads us to obtain it.

What do you expect from tasting an oil in oil? If your desire is to rediscover the genuineness of good flavours, stay here: we will tell you about our vegetables in oil.

A shared pleasure

Research, tasting and discovery are the steps that define our experience with the production of Orominerva preserves and, in a way, also the experience of those who choose them. We share the same desire.

We are looking for something that already exists, that does not need to be created through special artifices or additions: it is the good taste, the authentic taste of the products of the earth. 

We taste the raw materials that meet the expected quality standards; some we produce ourselves, others we entrust to trusted growers.

We discover new flavours and make them our own, making the most of the raw material that has come into our possession with a very simple recipe that gives us that much sought-after perfect taste.

As for us, our consumer's desire for excellence stems from the search for natural flavours like those of the past; the experience becomes concrete with the tasting and reaches the peak of pleasure in the discovery of a goodness that exceeds expectations

Quality of Orominerva's preserved vegetables: things you imagine or maybe not

There are many characteristics that define the quality of an oil in oil. It is through them that our goodness manifests itself.

Raw materials and ingredients

Some of the ingredients used for Orominerva's preserves are produced directly by us; other raw materials come from growers in Molise or neighbouring regions who give quality the same importance as we do.

We are also driven in this search by the desire to learn about and explore new trends, to bet on innovation and change, while remaining faithful to our origins. The territory and traditions remain two fundamental constants in our production of vegetables in oil: by valuing the raw materials, without contaminating them, we also preserve our land. 

Only quality choices, therefore, only natural and tasty raw materials and ingredients.

The extra virgin olive oil

A "sottolio" (preserved in oil) is a type of food preservation which, as its name suggests, necessarily needs an ingredient to be such: oil.

There are oils and oils (we have talked about them in the article Orominerva's EVO oil), and knowing the differences it goes without saying that the best for vegetables in oil is extra virgin olive oil, both for the flavour it gives the final product and for the preservation properties of the oil.

It is easy to tell from the jar if the oil is seed oil; it is more complicated to tell if the oil is a blend: all Orominerva vegetables are immersed in our pure, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, without any additions or blending with other oils. 

You can see and feel the quality of our EVO oil. 

It is an oil that we have always produced on the farm, processing - within a maximum of 24 hours from the harvest - the olives in our territories, which are particularly suited to this type of production. 

Our EVO oil is the ingredient that makes the difference in Orominerva preserves. Even as an entity in its own right. It is a speciality that should be enjoyed both with vegetables and in the preparation of other dishes or as a base for cooking. To throw it away would be a sacrilege, also in terms of waste. 


We go into the farm as if it were our grandmothers' house, to treat the raw materials with due care and prepare the final products in a few masterly steps

We wash vegetables carefully, blanch them lightly so that they retain their initial properties in terms of nutrients and texture, and combine them with the other ingredients with the harmony needed to achieve a balanced organoleptic profile.

Lavorazione carciofini sott'olio Orominerva
Lavorazione pomodori secchi sott'olio Orominerva

It is a path where good flavours meet craftsmanship and the desire to know how to wait for the right evolution of taste. We don't speed things up in order to produce more, but let the wait contribute to something exceptional. And finally, an essential aspect: we do not use preservatives!

The taste

The taste of Orominerva's “sottoli” is the result of all this. 

During preparation, the light blanching of the vegetables ensures that they are crisp and with a pleasant texture, not soft as happens when they are cooked for a long time; this is also excellent for preserving nutritional values. 

The flavours are pleasant, natural and without any unpleasant aftertaste. The delicacy, resulting from simple recipes and the use of healthy ingredients, makes our preserves digestible and light.

Friarielli sott'olio Orominerva
Pomodori secchi sott'olio Orominerva

We don't offer artichokes that are limp or, on the contrary, have hard leaves, dried tomatoes with a sour aftertaste or tasteless, rubbery asparagus: any vegetable in Orominerva oil gives only the pleasant surprise of a delicious taste in every nuance. 

The value

The quality of our vegetables in oil has a value. It is not the same as that of more common vegetables in oil and, if you have come this far, you will understand why: those who know how to recognise and appreciate goodness also know how to give the right value to the pleasure derived from it.   

Discover the goodness of Orominerva's preserves!

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