Handcrafted tomato puree

Orominerva tomato puree is made according to our grandmothers' recipe, an artisanal puree with just two ingredients: tomato and salt.

Gambero Rosso voted it the best artisanal tomato puree in Italy in 2017 and included it in the Top Italian Food 2023 guide.

We do not use peeling waste and we carry out a slow pasteurisation in a bain-marie. The result is a thick, tasty tomato puree, rich in flavour and traditional aromas.

No preservatives added.

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340 g


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Why choose Orominerva tomato puree

Fresh tomatoes and salt, these are the only components of our tomato puree. These are the ingredients of a tradition we have inherited and which we continue to uphold, starting by a raw material grown in our own and neighbouring areas, always by trusted producers, a first-choice tomato which allows us to obtain a thick and tasty puree.

We work it in such a way that history and quality can be reunited in the intense taste of good things, with a precise harvest, a fresh processing with tomatoes blanched in water before being pureed and classic pasteurisation in a bain-marie.

With the artisanal production of our tomato puree, we obtain a goodness that awakens the most nostalgic palates, responding to the desire to rediscover the flavours of the past, like those of grandmother's puree. Time is our ally; waiting guides all the stages of making the puree, such as pasteurisation, for example, which is slow, the furthest thing from industrial logic.

Orominerva tomato puree is the best expression of how very few ingredients can become excellence, and not only that. It is also the best tomato puree according to Gambero Rosso.

The best tomato puree in Italy

"Barely grainy, compact and homogeneous flaming red, it has the courage to be what it is: a delicate and very classic passata, with a full, round and balanced taste and aromas of great freshness". It’s with these qualities that Gambero Rosso awards Orominerva passata.

In 2017 it came first in the ranking as the best artisanal tomato puree in Italy, chosen from dozens of similar products, belonging to a niche market made up only of speciality foods. Artisanal passata cannot be compared to industrial passata; it has colour, vegetable sweetness and fresh aromas that are clearly perceptible and distinguishable from those of more commercial passata.

This is the background against which ours is set, a context that is already distinguished by its undisputed quality and in which being referred to as the producers of the best artisanal tomato puree is an important confirmation. For us and for those who want to share the pleasure of its goodness.

Our artisanal tomato puree is a certainty. Made from 100% Italian tomatoes, it only contains salt and no preservatives. It is an example of how, with just two ingredients, it is possible to achieve a distinctive and natural flavour, to be brought to the table in the most traditional way and with the greatest freedom of expression.

How to use our tomato puree

Tomato puree plays a major role in Italian cuisine, with tomato sauce being the main ingredient in the most common dishes. It happens with the sauce, a real ritual for our country. Orominerva tomato puree sauces are ideal for pasta, for main courses such as meat or meatballs, for preparations such as aubergine parmigiana.

Sauce needs to be cooked with a certain amount of care, but it needs an excellent base in order to be tasty, dense and with a rustic and intense flavour, qualities that are perfectly matched by our artisan puree.

Thanks to this strong personality, Orominerva tomato puree is also an extraordinary condiment for pizza. In order to obtain a pizza made according to tradition, it is necessary to start from the choice of excellent raw materials, without alternating their organoleptic characteristics. And in this sense, our passata is a guarantee.

With a set of sensations to be rediscovered and made your own, the Orominerva artisan tomato puree brings together the need for quality in the kitchen and pleasure at the table.

Passed fresh tomato origin Italy (99.6%)

Salt (0.4%)

Energy values: 14 kcal - 57 kJ

Carbohydrates: 1,7 g, of which sugars 1,7 g

Fat: 0,1 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0 g

Protein: 1,0 g

Salt: 0,34 g

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