Spaccatelle - Halved dates with skin

Orominerva spaccatelle are fresh tomatoes, cut in half and preserved in their own juice with just a little salt. With the naturalness and quality of an excellent raw material, we obtain spaccatelle tomatoes with a wonderful texture, where sweetness and acidity are perfectly balanced. 

Our spaccatelle are ideal for topping pizzas and bruschettas and for making tasty first courses.


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360 g


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Why choose Orominerva spaccatelle

Orominerva's tomato spaccatelle give you the pleasure of an authentic and tasty preserve, with the typical mark of tradition. To produce such goodness, it is essential to start from an excellent raw material: we choose the best tomatoes from trusted growers and process them fresh immediately after harvesting, when they have reached the right degree of ripeness.

We cut the tomatoes in half and use only their juice and a little salt to preserve them. The love of good taste and the desire for ours to be perfect are embodied in a few steps and in the attention to always do things to a high standard. 

This is how we arrive at our tomato spaccatelle, delicious in their consistency and the impeccable balance between the sweetness and acidity of the tomato, details that converge towards a pleasure that deserves to be tried and shared.

Only fresh tomatoes and salt

The recipe for tomato spaccatelle is very simple: a few good, natural ingredients, put together with the ability to maximise the overall flavour.

We only use tomatoes and a little salt; even the sauce in which we dip them is made from the same raw material, fresh, choice tomatoes. Above all, we use no preservatives.

Intense in colour, Orominerva's spaccatelle have the inviting appearance of artisanal preserves and suggest their goodness right from the jar. The scent, lively and fresh, tempts the palate: when tasted, the tomato spaccatelle reveal all their exquisite flavour, a return to the true taste of tradition.

Tradition on the table with tomato spaccatelle

With their typical and heady odours, tomato spaccatelle evoke pleasant sensations in the kitchen, during the preparation of sauces, for example. 

Our spaccatelle, in fact, are excellent as a base for traditional sauces, with organoleptic qualities that give unique character and flavour to the final dish: a first course made with Orominerva's tomato spaccatelle is tasty, quick to make and ideal for giving everyday life a full and satisfying flavour.

Spaccatelle tomatoes are also an extraordinary condiment for pizzas, from the simplest to the gourmet, as well as a perfect preserve for creating delicious bruschettas.

Tomato origin Italy (61%)

Tomato puree (38.6%)

Salt (0.4%) 

Energy values: 14 kcal - 57 kJ

Carbohydrates: 1,7 g, of which sugars 1,7 g

Fat: 0,1 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0 g

Protein: 1,0 g

Salt: 0,34 g

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