Gourmet sandwiches with Orominerva specialities

Our pestos, creams and vegetables preserved in EVO oil are excellent ingredients for tasty sandwiches. Some suggestions for more special fillings.

Panini gourmet con specialità Orominerva

A refined evolution of what until a few years ago was a simple packed lunch, the sandwich is now to all intents and purposes a gourmet speciality. The result of elaborate preparations and combinations, the gourmet sandwich brings together Italian culinary art and territoriality, attention to the choice of quality ingredients and the search for authentic flavours.  

Literally 'gourmet' means gourmand, and a sandwich of this type requires the same care that is devoted to any other restaurant dish. The difference, however, which is also its peculiarity, is that it retains the traits of street food, practical and easy to eat standing up.

Many chefs, even starred ones, have put their art at the service of the most unique sandwiches, but beyond the individual interpretations, some characteristics are common, such as the type of bread, the balance of flavours and, of course, the nature of the ingredients. 

In the wake of what happens in haute cuisine, for a well-made sandwich, combinations should be favoured through the choice of good, quality foodstuffs, all encased in excellent fresh bread. 

For the filling, nothing beats our delicacies, made from selected, strictly Italian and carefully processed raw materials, with no additions. From pesto to vegetables preserved in EVO oil, Orominerva specialities are excellent ingredients for tasty sandwiches.

Let's take a look at some of the most particular ones. 

The white onion in oil, unusual and delicate

Cipolla Bianca di Isernia sott'olio Orominerva

This is the pickle that best expresses Orominerva's typicality and territoriality. It comes from a raw material cultivated only in the province of Isernia, the White Onion of Isernia, a variety of bulb typical of this area.

The taste is intense but pleasant and very delicate. It is a sweet onion that goes well with various traditional Italian flavours, from cold meats to mozzarella and cheese. Superb together with buffalo mozzarella.

A sandwich with Cipolla Bianca di Isernia in oil is a discovery, a taste proposal for lovers of new flavours but strongly linked to local tradition. 

Gambero Rosso Top Italian Food artichokes in oil

Carciofini sott'olio Orominerva nella Top Italian Food Gambero Rosso

There are many types of artichokes, but ours are among the best in Italy: Orominerva artichokes in oil have been awarded several times by Gambero Rosso and are now included in the Top Italian Food 2023.

They stand out for their soft but not mushy texture, their rustic, well-hulled appearance, their multifaceted and delicate aromatic palette, and their correct oil. Appreciated for their extreme versatility in combinations, artichokes in oil go well with many other ingredients, from cured meats and fish to vegetables and greens for the preparation of vegetarian sandwiches.

A sandwich with our artichokes is an Italian gastronomic excellence.

The friarielli cream, a gourmet favourite

Crema di friarielli Orominerva la preferita dai buongustai

Among the products that are a hit online, crema di friarielli is one of Orominerva's most popular delicacies.

They choose it for the particularity of its aromas and flavours, linked to a raw material typical of southern Italy but much loved everywhere; we process it from raw until it becomes a cream with a very soft consistency with the addition of our EVO oil. We also like our friarielli cream because it is vegetarian, contains no garlic or nuts.

As with pizza, the most classic combination for a delicious sandwich is with sausage, but the cream leaves room for fantasy by also accompanying bacon, mozzarella, ham. 

A delicacy for those who prefer intense and more characteristic flavours

Truffle specialities, from pesto to chopped olives

Specialità al tartufo Orominerva pesti e creme

The intense flavour of the black truffle unites four of our delicacies: green and red pesto, artichoke cream and chopped olives in the truffle variant are an exceptional ingredient for those who appreciate a special flavour such as truffles.

In the four Orominerva products, it is delicate and never cloying, and is added to that of the other raw materials to create very exclusive nuances of flavour.

Both the pestos and the creams contain no garlic and are vegetarian products. Each is more or less suitable for certain combinations, but all are perfect ingredients for unusual fillings.

For those who are spoilt for choice and want to try them all, we have combined them in a special proposal: the Truffle Pestos and Creams Set.

Then there are the courgettes, aubergines, green bean pesto, spicy mince, from the most unusual to the great classics all Orominerva's sottoli, pestos and creams are exceptional in sandwiches because their strong point is their over-the-top flavour, thanks to an absolute top quality.

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