Rapini paté

The Orominerva Rapini paté preserves the typical taste of the original Rapini, 100% Italian. Freshly processed, raw, we combine them with our EVO oil for a very pleasant combination of sensations. Also ideal for vegetarians.

The personality of the Rapini paté lends itself to the best moments of table sharing, from aperitifs to starters, from first courses to meat-based main courses.

Garlic-free. Does not contain gluten, lactose, lysozyme, nuts.

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90 g


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Why choose Orominerva Rapini paté

Our Rapini paté has an extraordinary recipe, and not just in terms of ingredients. It's how we make it and why we make it the way we do that gives value to the end product: only quality, sustainable choices.

We make the paté from selected Rapini. In fact, our raw materials are grown directly by us or by trusted producers, always in Molise region. The importance of the land is a constant for us; preserving and enhancing it means that products such as patés can also benefit from it.

In this case, we lightly process the raw Rapini and turn them into a paté of pleasant consistency by adding very few other ingredients, including our own EVO oil. The quality of the extra virgin olive oil is also decisive for the Rapini paté, as it gives the product its distinctive character, which can be perceived in the resulting tasting pleasure.

Rapini paté is also a delight for vegetarians, as it does not contain any ingredients of animal origin. It is also garlic-free.

Crema di friarielli

The special feature of our paté

The paté is based on the main ingredient, Rapini. In the transformation process, we make sure that the raw material retains all its qualities, processing it lightly and using it from raw.

In the paté, the intensity of the Rapini is clearly distinguishable, as are the aromas and the pleasant persistence. Rapini, or broccoli rabe or turnip greens, are distinguished by their slightly bitter taste, which balances the fattiness and sweetness of many other dishes.

Their distinctiveness is well preserved in the paté, in a perfect balance with the other flavours.

It is a goodness that can be discovered with pleasure in different taste combinations.

How to combine Rapini paté

The taste of Rapini is well established in our culinary tradition. Like its raw material of origin, the paté can be combined at the table according to preference, in a truly versatile way.

With Rapini paté it is possible to enhance first courses and meats, both red and white, but also to enrich starters. Moreover, it can become the exclusive protagonist of an aperitif if served, for example, on croutons or bruschetta.

The Rapini paté is ready to use; it is a pleasure to taste it, but also to use it.

Rapini origin Italy (60%)

Extra virgin olive oil (39%)

Acidifier (lactic acid)


Energy values: 348 kcal - 1456 kJ

Carbohydrates: 10,0 g, of which sugars 2,1 g

Fat: 33,0 g, of which saturated fatty acids 4,6 g

Protein: 2,15 g

Salt: 1,1 g

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