Isernia's white onion

The Isernia’s white onion is the masterpiece of Molise simplicity, an onion in oil that stands out thanks to its delicious and unique taste. We use an exclusive raw material, the white onion from Isernia, which is characterised by a sweet and intense, but not strong, flavour. We combine it with our EVO oil to obtain a special product, which amazes the first taste and satisfies subsequent ones.

Ideal as an appetiser and eye-catching in a sandwich, our white onion in oil is superb raw on a pizza or as a side dish for main courses, cheese and mozzarella.

Garlic-free. Preservative-free.

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210 g


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Why choose Orominerva white onions in oil

The white onion from Isernia is the latest addition to Orominerva's range of vegetables in oil. It is a special delicacy because it evokes traditional flavours while looking to the future, promoting biodiversity and social integration. 

Our onion in oil, is the result of a project that follows new taste trends through the enhancement of our territory and the support of collective well-being. For the raw material, an exclusive bulb that has been grown on our land for centuries, we have special suppliers, the disabled children of the L.A.I. Cooperative. For our friends, work is an educational tool and agriculture, in particular, is a strong incentive to improve their quality of life.

Their onions are exceptional: combined with our EVO they are the perfect synthesis of Orominerva goodness. The flavour is intense but not strong, sweet and delicate, the organoleptic profile is balanced. 

Our White Onion from Isernia is delicious, a preservative-free preserve made only from good, natural ingredients.

The Isernia’s white onion

The Isernia’s white onion is a bulb with a flattened shape, sweet taste and delicate aroma. It is grown in the Isernia area, at around 500 metres above sea level, where it is harvested by hand in June. 

The white onion is linked to very ancient customs and traditions, particularly significant for the town of Isernia, values to be preserved and promoted through the organoleptic qualities of this exclusive bulb, a variety that, like other more famous ones, deserves to be considered one of the best in Italy. 

This is why we have bet on this project: to enhance a raw material that we know and love, to protect its production and to bring its quality and taste to the highest level. 

Ours is not just any onion in oil: it’s the Isernia’s white onion that meets Orominerva extra virgin olive oil and becomes a pleasure for both palate and soul. 

Enjoying the Isernia’s white onion in oil

The goodness of our onion in oil emerges in its fine perfume and bursts forth on tasting, enjoyed in its natural state, as a side dish for main courses or starters. It is sublime when accompanied by EVO oil in a jar.

Its flavour is particularly suitable for enriching a variety of dishes with a touch of originality, such as pizza, on which it is advisable to use white onions in raw oil. 

It is also ideal as an ingredient for gourmet sandwiches and as a side dish, together with its extra virgin olive oil, for buffalo mozzarella. It’s an onion that is not lacking in versatility, Isernia’s white onion is a perfect speciality for all preparations that aspire to a surprising taste.

Onions origin Italy (66%)

Extra virgin olive oil (33%)

Wine vinegar


Energy values: 95 kcal - 393 kJ

Carbohydrates: 7,2 g, of which sugars 2,0 g

Fat: 4,1 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0,3 g

Protein: 1,5 g

Salt: 0,8 g

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