Orominerva's truffle creams and pestos

Our latest delicacies have a very special imprint: the new pestos and creams with black truffle are in the catalogue.

Le creme e i pesti al tartufo Orominerva

Unmistakable in its scent and taste, the truffle boasts a special role in the list of the most exclusive Italian flavours. This particular tuber is responsible for a complex sensory experience, filling the nose and palate with lingering aromas: with its contribution we have created our latest goodies, the new Orominerva truffle creams and pestos.

Based on previous recipes, we have added the Tuber aestivum, or black summer truffle, which is distinguished by an intensity of smell similar to that of porcini mushrooms. It is a variety that, although it has a very characteristic woody imprint, is rather delicate, and goes perfectly with the organoleptic profile of our two pestos, the artichoke cream and the chopped olives. 

Four new jars, enriching the Orominerva catalogue, and satisfying even the most particular taste lovers. 

Truffle pestos

L'altro pesto verde and L'altro pesto rosso are two of Orominerva's historic pestos. Made from recipes other than the most common, the first is a basil pesto without garlic, the red is a dried tomato pesto with the addition of a little L'altro pesto verde.

Both are distinguished by the use of natural, top-quality ingredients, including Genovese basil PDO, Orominerva EVO oil and long-ripened cheese with vegetable rennet.

We have enhanced the two pestos, already very exclusive, with a touch of black summer truffle, just enough to make the whole even more intriguing and unique, resulting in L’altro pesto verde and L’altro pesto rosso

L'altro pesto verde al tartufo Orominerva
L'altro pesto rosso al tartufo Orominerva

L'altro pesto verde al tartufo reveals the intensity and freshness of its ingredients in the particular taste balance and easy digestibility, characteristics shared with L'altro pesto rosso al tartufo. The latter has the added authenticity of fresh, sun-dried tomatoes.

Very versatile in the kitchen, truffle pestos are a combination of authentic and natural flavours, also suitable for vegetarians. 

Truffle creams

With the organoleptic characteristics of the truffle, we have also elevated the goodness of the artichoke cream and the Orominerva olive beaten.

The artichoke cream has always been one of the highlights of our creams. It is a combination of delicate artichoke hearts and the high quality of our EVO oil; with a small addition of Tuber aestivum we obtain a new version of this speciality, slightly more intense but still characterised by a decidedly delicious taste.

Crema di carciofini al tartufo Orominerva
Battuto di olive al tartufo Orominerva

The artichoke cream with truffle is creamy, elegant, a balanced and never cloying condiment for first courses, white meats, aperitifs and starters.

More particular is the Leccino olive cream, a paté that in its version with black truffle becomes even more unique, always maintaining a great balance between scents and flavours. For the truffle olive paste we simply introduce a little of the new ingredient into the traditional recipe; the other raw materials remain, including the large-grained Leccino olives, which give an intense rustic feel.

An intensely flavoured but delicate and pleasant beat, excellent to enjoy on bruschetta and to enrich hors d'oeuvres, aperitifs and meat dishes.

Vegetarian and garlic-free goodness

The new truffle pestos and creams are also alternatives to the more traditional recipes. The four jars contain no garlic and are vegetarian.

The cheese used in the two pestos is produced by extracting vegetable enzymes from thistle flowers, which also makes them lighter and easier to digest. In addition, both the pestos and the truffle creams are free of gluten, lactose, lysozyme and nuts. 

The basis of their preparation remains the combination of the genuineness of the raw materials and the quality of our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil

The four jars are available online in the Pestos and Creams category.

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