L’altro pesto rosso with truffle

Orominerva’s L’altro pesto rosso with truffle is unique, completely different from the others. It is made from our sun-dried tomatoes, to which we add a pinch of our basil pesto, L'altro pesto verde, and a little black summer truffle.

The intense aromas and flavours of the sun-dried tomatoes are combined with the elegance of the black truffle, making L'altro pesto rosso al tartufo a delicious ingredient for aperitifs, starters and bruschettas, as well as first and second course meat dishes. Easily digestible and never cloying.

Also ideal for vegetarians.

Garlic-free. Does not contain gluten, lactose, lysozyme, nuts.

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90 g


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Why choose Orominerva's L’altro pesto rosso with truffle

L'altro pesto rosso with truffle is the evolution of Orominerva's L'altro pesto rosso: we have added a little black summer truffle to the recipe, just enough to obtain an even more exclusive and different taste.

The flavours and aromas are those characteristics of fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes, raw materials of the highest quality, which combine with the particular aromas of the truffle to create a special harmony. 

Everything is perfectly balanced thanks to a skilful use of natural ingredients.

With its unique organoleptic profile, L'altro pesto rosso with truffles satisfies palates, even those with different tastes, who have in common the expectation of rediscovering authentic flavours: in our red truffle pesto they are rediscovered through a renewed goodness, the result of the desire to enhance naturalness and the ability to do so in a completely new way.

L'altro pesto rosso al tartufo

Only natural ingredients

Like all Orominerva pestos, red truffle Pesto contains neither garlic nor any food of animal origin. In addition, only black truffles are used, which is essential to give this pesto its characteristic, delicious and never cloying flavour.

As for the other ingredients, along with the sun-dried tomatoes we use a little bit of L'altro pesto verde, a goodness in which we use Genovese PDO basil, Orominerva EVO oil and long ripening cheese with vegetable rennet.

All quality raw materials, processed in just a few steps and with the craftsmanship of yesteryear. For the dried tomatoes, for example, we wait for them to reach perfection in the sun, according to nature and not industrial processes.

Respect for time also contributes to our quality, a value that can be perceived in every aromatic note of red truffle pesto and is recognisable in the mouth.

At the table with L'altro pesto rosso with truffle

With L'altro pesto rosso with truffle you can enrich every moment of your meal with taste and originality. 

Spread on a bruschetta it can become the protagonist of an aperitif or an appetizer, a real delight thanks to its intense and particular taste. It is a versatile pesto, excellent for preparing more elaborate recipes, both first courses and main courses based on white or red meat.

And finally, a suggestion for a delicious meal, quick and easy to make: simply dress pasta with a little L'altro pesto rosso with truffle.


Sundried tomatoes origin Italy (50%)

Extra virgin olive oil (39%)



Chilli pepper

Genoese basil PDO

Potato starch

Gran Kinara long-ripened cheese (milk, salt, vegetable rennet)

Summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.)

Truffle flavouring


Acidifier (lactic acid)

Wine vinegar

Energy values500 kcal - 2092 kJ

Carbohydrates: 8,3 g, of which sugars 1,6 g

Fat: 51,6 g, of which saturated fatty acids 6,6 g

Protein: 3,3 g

Salt: 7,5 g

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