The alternative Pesto without garlic and pine nuts (and much more)

This is not your usual pesto, and it’s certainly not the traditional Genoese recipe. Our basil pesto is a unique specialty suitable even for those with allergies or who prefer vegetarian food.

Pesto senza aglio e senza pinoli

Basil pesto originates from Ligurian cuisine and is known and loved worldwide for its flavor and aroma. According to Genoese tradition, it’s made with specific ingredients, including basil as the star, alongside extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, garlic, salt, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, and Pecorino.

Many commercial pestos claim to be Genoese, but true authentic pesto strictly follows the original recipe using specific ingredients. For example, the olive oil must be extra virgin, and the cheeses must meet certain standards.

We create a different pesto, not Genoese, but equally exclusive and delicious, made with top-quality 100% Italian ingredients.

Why “The Other Green Pesto”?

Our unique recipe caters to various tastes, omitting garlic, pine nuts, nuts, gluten, and lactose.

A Garlic-Free Pesto

Our Orominerva alternative green pesto does not contain garlic. We designed it to cater to those who prefer to avoid garlic due to intolerance, allergies, digestion issues, or simply because they don’t enjoy its strong flavor.

This garlic-free pesto is delicate, lighter, and easier to digest, maintaining rich flavor and enhancing the taste and aroma of other ingredients.

A Pesto Without Pine Nuts and Nuts

Traditional pesto recipes include pine nuts, which are edible seeds from certain pine species and potential allergens. In many variations, pine nuts are replaced with other nuts like peanuts, pistachios, or walnuts.

However, our pesto doesn’t need alternatives — we make it without pine nuts or any other nuts, which can cause allergies.

Our green pesto is a safe choice for those with nut allergies.

A Vegetarian Pesto with Our EVO Oil

Another interesting aspect of our pesto is that it contains long-aged cheese made with vegetable rennet, making it suitable for vegetarians.

Despite the absence of garlic, pine nuts, and animal rennet cheese, our pesto has a delicious flavor because we use only high-quality ingredients like Genoese basil DOP and 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil produced by us.

Its goodness is appreciated even by those accustomed to the classic Genoese pesto.

Pesto verde Orominerva recensione

All versions of our pesto

In addition to the traditional basil recipe, “The Other Pesto” is available in a red variant and a truffle variant.

Pesto rosso Orominerva

The red pesto showcases the aromatic nuances of tomatoes, made with our sun-dried tomatoes and a bit of our green pesto, ending with a slightly spicy note. It’s also available in a truffle version.

Pesto verde al tartufo Orominerva

Our truffle green pesto starts with our basil pesto base and adds a touch of summer black truffle, providing a distinct and delicate flavor typical of our region. This pesto is light and never overpowering.

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