L'altro pesto verde

Orominerva's L'altro pesto verde is a different kind of basil pesto, made with PDO Genovese basil, long-ripened cheese with vegetable rennet and our EVO oil.

It retains the intense aromas and flavours of fresh pesto, with a shelf life of 24 months.

A variant of Genovese pesto, L'altro pesto verde satisfies different tastes with extreme versatility at the table, from aperitifs and starters to first courses and meat dishes.

Also ideal for vegetarians.

Garlic-free. Does not contain gluten, lactose, lysozyme, nuts.

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90 g


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Why choose Orominerva's L'altro pesto verde

A more pleasant and lighter version of pesto alla Genovese, L'altro pesto verde expresses all the freshness and typical aromas of basil with an exclusive organoleptic profile. To make it, we put together a few ingredients, all Italian, and preserve their properties and value.

We use Genovese basil PDO, a unique and essential raw material for the production of pesto, which occupies a prime position among Italian excellences. We combine it with cheese and our own EVO oil, an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, which helps to give the pesto its distinctive and typical character.

Our basil pesto is a delight that caters to different taste requirements, an innovative pesto that differs from the classic Genoese in the choice of certain ingredients, but not in quality. The other pesto verde is the encounter between tradition and experimentation, a perfect collaboration to bring goodness to the table in an evolved form.

Basil pesto without garlic, also for vegetarians

We arrive at our pesto verde with the usual attention to ingredient selection and processing, elevating the most traditional authentic flavours. We add our own twist to the recipe, creating a pesto without garlic, also for vegetarians.

By not having garlic, L'altro pesto verde is more delicate and digestible than classic Genovese. We also use a long-ripened cheese with vegetable rennet, which is a rennet produced by extracting vegetable enzymes from thistle flowers, so the pesto is perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

A basil pesto that retains the intense flavour and aromas of freshly made pesto.

How to combine our basil pesto

With the flavours and aromas of fresh basil, L'altro pesto verde can be enjoyed on many occasions, from everyday meals to social gatherings.

Great for adding originality to aperitifs, our pesto verde is versatile and can be used with antipasti, canapés and bruschetta.

It is perfect for preparing a more delicate pesto pasta, appreciated by those who do not prefer the taste of garlic and by those who opt for a vegetarian diet, and also indicated as a condiment for red or white meats.

Extra virgin olive oil origin Italy (47%)

Genoese basil PDO (28%)

Potato starch

Long-ripened cheese (milk, salt, vegetable rennet)



Acidifier (lactic acid).

Energy values: 500 kcal - 2092 kJ

Carbohydrates: 8,3 g, of which sugars 1,6 g

Fat: 51,6 g, of which saturated fatty acids 6,6 g

Protein: 3,3 g

Salt: 3,9 g

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