Orominerva goodies are vegetarian products

Our specialities are particularly suitable for those following a vegetarian diet and ideal as gifts. Let's see why.

Le bontà Orominerva sono prodotti vegetariani

From quality raw materials, our goodies are also popular with vegetarians. Although the main ingredient of the recipes is always a product of the earth, such as vegetables or greens, it is important to specify that ours are vegetarian foods as even the ingredients used in small part are of the same nature. 

For some products, especially processed products such as pestos and creams, it should not be taken for granted that they are vegetarian; in the most common jars on the market, in fact, one or more ingredients are of animal origin. 

This is the case, for example, with basil pesto. The traditional recipe for pesto from Genoa uses Parmesan cheese and Sardinian pecorino cheese. For cheese production, rennet is extracted from animals such as veal, kid or lamb, and is therefore abolished in vegetarian diets; for Parmesan cheese, it is the same specification that imposes its use. 

Pesto al basilico vegetariano Orominerva

Our pesto is different, hence the name The Other Green Pesto. We only use long-ripened cheese made from vegetable rennet, a natural substance extracted from wild thistle that, like animal rennet, allows the milk to coagulate; the resulting cheese is of the highest quality and suitable not only for those who consume vegetarian food for ethical reasons, but also for those who follow a particular diet. We also use this type of cheese as an ingredient in other pestos and creams, which are lighter and easier to digest.

In addition to being vegetarian products, they contain no garlic, no gluten, no lactose, no lysozyme and no nuts.

Great gift ideas for vegetarians

Box gastronomico per vegetariani Orominerva
Box gastronomico vegetariano Orominerva

Our goodies are also an original and useful alternative as gift ideas for vegetarians. We offer several combinations with boxes, designed precisely to give or treat yourself to a complete Orominerva tasting. 

Nine proposals, obviously for everyone, but particularly useful if you are looking for something specifically for vegetarians.

Our gastronomic boxes, by the way, are a winning gift idea not only for their content.

Those who are particularly sensitive to the cause will also appreciate the sustainable box, made of recycled cardboard, and reusable for later use.

When gifting our boxes with vegetarian products online, you can enclose an elegant greeting card with a personalised message and send the box directly to the recipient.

Vegetarian food that everyone likes

The qualities of Orominerva's products are perfect for vegetarians, but also liked by a wider audience. 

For those who cannot tolerate garlic, for those who want lighter food, our specialities are appreciated by those in search of flavours that recall the goodness of tradition in a renewed and modern way.

Our aim has always been to work in line with the agri-food experience offered by our territories, but with a contemporary perspective, attentive to new trends and new food tastes. We do this starting with our first product, extra virgin olive oil, which is present as an ingredient in all our other goodness, from pickles to creams. 

And the resulting high quality also appeals to different palates, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, but who all have in common the desire to try and enjoy simple but exclusive gastronomic products that bring back the goodness of yesteryear. 

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Some of our vegetarian products