Porcini mushrooms-flavoured extra virgin olive oil dressing

Orominerva porcini mushroom flavoured oil is our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, with the added characteristic fragrance of porcini mushrooms. An ideal condiment for a variety of dishes, including first and second courses with white meats and fish, bruschetta and pizzas. 

Inside the tin, the porcini mushroom oil is protected from light, preserving all its delicacy and exclusive aromas over time.

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250 ml


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Why choose Orominerva porcini mushroom oil

For our porcini mushroom oil, we start with quality: we use our precious EVO oil, an extra virgin that expresses the most traditional flavours of olive production. 

We flavour it with an inviting imprint rich in winter nuances, that of porcini mushrooms. We obtain a goodness that, in accordance with our production philosophy, enhances the properties of the raw materials to bring to the table the pleasure of rediscovering authentic and natural flavours in a completely new way.

Porcini mushroom flavoured oil reveals the organoleptic profile of our extra virgin olive oil, enriched by the intense and unmistakable fragrance of porcini mushrooms; a delicate and particularly refined condiment with which to complete various types of preparation, both simple and elaborate.

Seasoning with porcini mushroom oil

Our porcini mushroom oil is a delicious alternative to EVO oil. After all, the quality and properties are the same, plus we discover the inviting touch of porcini mushrooms which can make dishes really special at the table.

The typical aroma contributes to an even more pleasant taste experience. Served raw on a bruschetta, for example, porcini mushroom oil is a delight that involves both the sense of smell and the palate.

It is excellent on pizzas, but also to enhance the lightness of white meats and fish, both in first and second courses. Similarly, porcini mushroom oil can be used to season soups based on legumes.

Extra virgin olive oil origin Italy (97%)

Natural aroma of porcini mushrooms (2%)

Porcini mushrooms (1%)

Energy values: 828 kcal - 3464 kJ

Carbohydrates: 0 g, of which sugars 0 g

Fat: 92 g, of which saturated fatty acids 12 g, monounsaturated 73 g, polyunsaturated 7 g

Protein: 0 g

Acidity: 0,2-0,4%

Number of peroxides: 10-12 meq O2/kg

K232: <2,50

K270: <0,22

Delta K: <0,01

Wax substances: <150 mg/kg

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