White truffle-flavoured extra virgin olive oil dressing

Orominerva white truffle flavoured oil is our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil with the aroma of the precious white truffle. An exclusive goodness for dressing different types of dishes, from bruschetta and pizzas to first and second courses of fish and white meat.

Thanks to the tin in which we offer it, white truffle oil is protected from light, thus preserving its delicate fragrance over time.

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250 ml


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Why choose Orominerva white truffle oil

A meeting of gastronomic specialities, a harmony of soft and refined fragrances: our white truffle flavoured oil comes from Orominerva EVO oil enriched with the unmistakable imprint of the finest truffle variety. 

The oil is our highest quality extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed from local olives and with an extraordinary organoleptic profile and taste yield, worthy of a perfect EVO oil. 

For the white truffle oil and all the other flavoured oils, we start with our delicacy par excellence: in this case we add the characteristic nuances of the white truffle, renowned for its delicacy and value. The result is a particularly pleasant condiment, in which the quality and characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil are enhanced by the particularity of the white truffle, a delicacy found in our region.

As delicate in taste as it is in aroma, white truffle flavoured oil is a delight for the everyday table and for the best occasions.

We obtain our truffle oil by infusion, an ancient and green technique that gently and at a constant temperature allows us to preserve all the nutrients of the EVO oil.

The result is a particularly pleasant condiment, in which the quality and characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil are enhanced by the particularity of the white truffle, a delicacy widespread in our region.

A quality truffle EVO oil

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a quality truffle oil.

The first is certainly the recipe. Even a drizzle of oil is enough to add value to any preparation, if the flavouring is excellent. The delicate scents of the white truffle are perceived at the right point and at the same time blend with the typical flavour of the EVO oil: this is due to our production method but above all to the oil from which we start. To create a speciality that makes use of an aroma as precious as that of the white truffle, it is essential to use our own extra virgin olive oil, not a second-rate product, but the same one we bottle and sell.

The result is clearly a valuable flavoured oil, which cannot compete in terms of even price with more common ones. 

A common risk when seasoning with a truffle oil is not to perceive either the nose or the palate the hints of white truffle, and often the cause is attributed to the flavourings used. However, the contribution of the oil is considerable. 

A truffle oil, and in general any flavoured oil, that does not have a good, authentic and 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil as its base, is certainly not to be considered excellent.

Seasoning with white truffle oil

White truffle oil makes the simplest dishes exclusive and completes the most elaborate ones with distinction. 

Used as a dressing for a bruschetta you can perceive all its organoleptic qualities and discover its full goodness; a practical and effective way to make it the protagonist of delicious aperitifs or appetizers.

It is excellent for pizza, but also for first and second courses, especially if fish or white meat based. 

With white truffle flavoured oil there are no rules in cooking: it is an elegant and pleasant alternative to the traditional seasoning, to be used according to taste whenever you want.

Extra virgin olive oil origin Italy (97%)

White truffle aroma (3%)

Energy values: 828 kcal - 3464 kJ

Carbohydrates: 0 g, of which sugars 0 g

Fat: 92 g, of which saturated fatty acids 12 g, monounsaturated 73 g, polyunsaturated 7 g

Protein: 0 g

Acidity: 0,2-0,4%

Number of peroxides: 10-12 meq O2/kg

K232: <2,50

K270: <0,22

Delta K: <0,01

Wax substances: <150 mg/kg

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