Chili peppers-flavoured extra virgin olive oil dressing

Orominerva Chilli pepper Flavoured Oil is an excellent alternative to the classic condiment: it is our highest quality EVO oil enriched with the intense nuances of chilli pepper.

Excellent for use on bruschetta, pizzas, fish and white meat dishes and main courses, Orominerva chilli pepper-flavoured oil comes in a tin, a special container that protects the delicacy of the product from light and preserves all its fragrances over time.

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250 ml


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Why choose Orominerva chilli pepper-flavoured oil

With Orominerva's chilli pepper-flavoured oil, we offer a condiment that is particularly appreciated by those who love intense, but always pleasant and well-balanced flavours. 

The imprint of the chilli pepper adds character to the aromatic profile of our EVO oil, an excellence of Orominerva production that fully expresses the value of naturalness and authenticity. This is the oil we flavour, not just any oil; it is our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, characterised by the very high quality required to achieve a perfect result in terms of flavour.

In the chilli pepper-flavoured oil, the lively notes of the chilli pepper enrich the remarkable taste of our oil, creating a perfect harmony between scents and flavours, in which the unmistakable qualities remain clearly defined.

A goodness to be discovered, to be used in the kitchen on the best occasions or every day with extreme versatility.

Olio aromatizzato al peperoncino

How to use chilli pepper-flavoured oil

The strong but pleasant and delicate flavour of chilli pepper-flavoured oil perfectly complements dishes, from the traditional to the most advanced.

Simple but very effective is the combination with bruschetta: served in this way, uncooked, the chili oil expresses all its nuances of smell and taste, ideal to complete appetizers or create original aperitifs.

It is perfect for enhancing the flavours of first and second courses, especially fish or white meat dishes, and is an excellent alternative to traditional oil for seasoning pizza.

Extra virgin olive oil origin Italy (97%)

Natural chilli pepper aroma (2%)

Chilli pepper (1%)

Energy values: 828 kcal - 3464 kJ

Carbohydrates: 0 g, of which sugars 0 g

Fat: 92 g, of which saturated fatty acids 12 g, monounsaturated 73 g, polyunsaturated 7 g

Protein: 0 g

Acidity: 0,2-0,4%

Number of peroxides: 10-12 meq O2/kg

K232: <2,50

K270: <0,22

Delta K: <0,01

Wax substances: <150 mg/kg

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