Olives paté

Orominerva Olives paté is made from coarse-grained Leccino olives, which retains its very characteristic rustic feel. 

With an intense and at the same time delicate flavour, the olives paté is an excellent condiment for bruschetta, to be served as an aperitif or starter, and for white meat main courses. 

Also ideal for vegetarians.

Garlic-free. Does not contain gluten, lactose, lysozyme, nuts.

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90 g


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Why choose Orominerva olives paté

Orominerva's olives paté is made from a raw material that is dear to us, a very special paté thanks to the typical and slightly rustic character of the olives. Leccino olives are a much-appreciated variety that has always been present in our area and is used for the production of a very high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

We have used their precious properties also for our oil, choosing the best coarse-grained olives and processing them according to the criteria of our philosophy: passion, research, attention and the desire to experiment in order to achieve the perfect taste.  

Intense and enveloping, an expression of the decisive flavour of the raw materials; this is the taste of our olive pâté, the result of a simple recipe that places Leccino olives at the centre and immediately afterwards our EVO oil, another delicacy of Orominerva's production. 

A few ingredients of the highest quality that allow us to achieve the excellence we have always pursued; in this case, that of our special olive pâté. 

Battuto di olive

An olives paté that tastes of the land

We are also guided in the production of our olive pâté by our love of the land and our desire to preserve its characteristic features in the taste of our delicacies. There is a deep connection between our land and the olive trees, an important history that gives value to everything that revolves around the use of olives as the main raw material.

From the EVO oil to the pâté, the imprint of the olives is vivid and tastes of tradition and authenticity.

In the Leccino olive pâté this seal is reinforced by the contribution of the oil, our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, the best expression of our origins.

Natural and tasty, our ingredients make the Orominerva olives paté ideal for vegetarians as well. 

How to enjoy the olives paté

Spread on a bruschetta, our "battuto di olive leccino" gives an intense taste, in which every nuance of flavour and aroma is vivid and best perceived.

It can be enjoyed simply as it is, paired with a good sip as an aperitif or used to enrich hors d'oeuvres.

It is also perfect for flavouring sandwiches and delicious for enhancing the delicacy of white meats with the characteristic, slightly rustic flavour of Leccino olives.

Leccino olives origin Italy (70%)

Extra virgin olive oil (18%)

Sun-dried tomatoes (6%)

Acidifier (lactic acid)


Energy values: 253,8 kcal - 1058,6 kJ

Carbohydrates: 4,0 g, of which sugars 2,95 g

Fat: 24,95 g, of which saturated fatty acids 4,37 g

Protein: 1,63g

Salt: 1,1 g

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