Summer seasoning with flavoured evo oil

From our extra virgin olive oil we obtain high quality Orominerva flavoured olive oil, perfect for the freshest summer dishes, especially in its basil and lemon variants.

Condire l'estate con l'olio evo aromatizzato Orominerva

Flavoured oil is a condiment with great potential. A resource in the kitchen and a panacea for the body, it is particularly pleasant in summer with subtle variations in taste and aroma. 

However, there is oil and oil, and it is important to know a few things if you want a goodness equal to that of the more traditional extra virgin olive oil. Different types of oil can be used to produce a flavoured oil, even seed or peanut oil; there are many on the market, but in our niche of high quality, there is no better alternative than evo oil, incomparable in every respect.

If we want a flavoured oil to be a worthy substitute for traditional oil, then let us choose a flavoured oil that is an extra virgin olive oil.

Orominerva flavoured oil

Orominerva flavoured oil preserves all the organoleptic properties and nutrients of our extra virgin olive oil, whose benefits and qualities are well known. One of the most important foods in the Mediterranean diet, it is rich in lipids, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients essential for physical and mental well-being. A measured daily consumption of evo oil has always been recommended.

Olio extravergine d'oliva aromatizzato Orominerva

We preserve exactly this quality, offering an alternative only in terms of nuances of fragrance and taste. To produce all our flavourings we use our own extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian, made from olives indigenous to our territory, which are brought straight into processing according to a traditional quality process. 

We enrich this oil with excellent raw materials and their natural aromas, resulting in an oil that both in appearance and taste reflects all the characteristics of the EVO oil from which it originates, and in addition surprises with additional aromatic notes. From the most intense, such as those of garlic or truffle, to the fresher, typically summery hints of basil and lemon.

Basil-flavoured oil

The star plant of the warm season, basil is characterised by its fresh, Mediterranean scent, an ever-present feature on everyday tables. Among our aromatised products, basil oil triumphs in summer.

Consisting of a percentage of Orominerva EVO oil (97%), natural basil aroma (2%) and basil (1%), our basil-flavoured oil contains no other ingredients or preservatives. 

It is an excellent alternative to simple extra virgin olive oil for seasoning dishes of all kinds, from meat to fish, from bruschetta to pizza, but also to give an extra touch of freshness to summer salads. In addition to its undisputed goodness, Orominerva Basil Oil stands out for its great versatility. 

Lemon-flavoured oil

Rich in vitamin C, the lemon finds its way into Italian kitchens all year round, but its aromas and taste notes are particularly inviting in summer.

As with the other flavours, Orominerva lemon oil is composed of 97% EVO oil, 2% natural lemon flavouring and 1% lemon; few ingredients, good and essential, in line with our production philosophy.

You can use the lemon-flavoured oil as a condiment for fish, meat, on bruschetta or any dish that deserves to be enhanced by the special but delicate hints of lemon.


The basil-flavoured oil, the lemon-flavoured oil and all the others in our range of flavours also enjoy a distinguished presentation: the packaging is a pretty 250 ml tin that protects the oil from light so that each fragrance preserves perfectly over time.

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