Orominerva's Rapini in oil are 100% Italian turnip broccoli of the highest quality. Once blanched, we season them with our EVO oil, parsley and a pinch of chilli pepper.

A classic on pizza together with sausage, Rapini in oil are also great as an ingredient for delicious sandwiches and savoury cake with ricotta cheese. Thanks to the addition of extra virgin olive oil, our Rapini are also excellent simply as a side dish, either au naturel or sautéed.

Garlic-free. No preservatives.

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210 g


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Why choose Orominerva Rapini in oil

Rapini in oil are part of a line of products with a high organoleptic and qualitative profile. Their goodness is perceptible in every nuance, starting from the presentation in the jar. Our broccoli rabe are visibly first choice vegetables, 100% Italian: we select the raw materials with care, choosing only the best, which is decisive for the final quality of the in oil.

After lightly blanching, we put the turnip greens in oil together with very few other ingredients, including parsley and a pinch of chilli, and especially with Orominerva EVO oil. Our extra-virgin olive oil gives the Rapini a decisive imprint, which is especially appreciable when served as we suggest, with our precious oil.

The taste is one of the best, recalling the naturalness of the broccoli rabe, preserved and elevated with a perfect taste balance between all the ingredients, few as ever, and delicious.

There are no preservatives or garlic.

Rapini, broccoli or turnip greens, as long as they're good

We put broccoli rabe in oil and create Orominerva Rapini. Broccoli di rapa, cime di rapa and Rapini are different names that indicate the same goodness; what varies is only the territorial declension of the name Rapini, which is typically Campania.

They are the green, non-flowering part of the turnip, the so-called tops. The taste is very unique, tending towards the bitterish; the nutritional properties are different, as are the uses in the kitchen. Under oil, our Rapini keep their intense taste which, enhanced by the perfect combination with the other ingredients, gives the pleasure of indulging in an authentic and renewed goodness, possible thanks to an excellent raw material.

How to combine Rapini in oil

One of the qualities of Rapini in oil is certainly their versatility. Their characteristic taste combines perfectly with other typical flavours of our cuisine. First and foremost, pizza.

Pizza with Rapini and sausage is an all-Neapolitan delicacy, a pleasure to indulge in, especially if you're with friends. The hamburger, cheese and turnip greens in oil sandwich is also worth trying; our Rapini add that special flavour that makes any sandwich unique.

Then there are the rustic sandwiches, especially those with ricotta or fresh cheese, to which adding Rapini is a pleasure.

The easiest way to enjoy Rapini in oil is as a side dish. One idea is to sauté them in a frying pan, perhaps with the addition of pine nuts and sultanas; by the way, the oil inside our jars can be used during cooking because it is extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

Finally, as an alternative, you can serve Orominerva Rapini directly as they are in the jar, again with their oil; a practical, everyday solution, the best way to rediscover authentic flavours and enjoy new ones.

Rapini origin Italy (65%)

Extra virgin olive oil (34%)

Wine vinegar


Spices (chili pepper)

Energy values: 288 kcal - 1207 kJ

Carbohydrates: 15,8 g, of which sugars 0,1 g

Fat: 23,3 g, of which saturated fatty acids 2,9 g

Protein: 3,2 g

Salt: 1,13 g

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