Orominerva peppers in oil are delicious fillets of yellow and red peppers, blanched and seasoned with a few top-quality ingredients, parsley and our extra virgin olive oil.

Excellent as a side dish for meat dishes, peppers in oil are also worth enjoying with some anchovy fillets.

Garlic-free. No preservatives.

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210 g


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Why choose Orominerva peppers in oil

With their bright colours and intense yet delicate flavours, our peppers in oil are a speciality you can enjoy all year round. Their goodness starts with the raw material, red and yellow peppers selected from trusted producers and processed into oil with the skill required to preserve all their qualities.

Just a few steps, each to be carried out with the right care: we clean the peppers, cut them into fillets and blanch them to give them a pleasant softness. Then we move on to the seasoning. As always, we use a few natural ingredients that enhance and enrich the taste of the raw material without covering or altering it. For the peppers in oil we use parsley and our own EVO oil.

The result is an exclusive product, in which quality and goodness can be perceived in every nuance, from the colours and aromas to the enveloping taste.

Peppers in extra virgin olive oil

With peppers in oil we preserve the characteristics of one of the quintessential summer vegetables. We take their goodness to new heights through the use of simple, good ingredients and the way we put them together.

Of all of them, our EVO oil has a prominent place in every product. We dip the peppers in Orominerva extra virgin olive oil, a 100% Italian oil that perfectly accompanies the pepper fillets even during the tasting process.

With its precious organoleptic qualities, the EVO oil in the jar deserves to be used as a condiment for the peppers themselves, but also for other preparations in the kitchen.

How to combine peppers in oil

Precisely because of the high quality of the raw material and the oil, our peppers are a tasty treat even if they are simply tried au naturel or served as a side dish with a little of the EVO oil in their jar. 

For lovers of stronger flavours, they can be served with anchovies.

Peppers in oil are a classic accompaniment to more traditional meat dishes, such as chicken with baked potatoes, but also a delicious ingredient for sandwiches.

Peppers origin Italy (67%)

Extra virgin olive oil (32%)

Wine vinegar


Spices (parsley)

Energy values: 151 kcal - 631 kJ

Carbohydrates: 8,0 g, of which sugars 1,9 g

Fat: 6,42 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0,5 g

Protein: 1,12 g

Salt: 1,3 g

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