Red garlic sprouts

Orominerva's garlic shoots in oil are made from the excellent red garlic of Sulmona. From the central inner part of the plant, we obtain the floral scape, or root ball, which we cut into small pieces, blanch and preserve in our precious EVO oil.

Ideal for bruschetta and legume dishes, red garlic shoots are also excellent as a side dish and to accompany meat or fish starters.


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210 g


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Why choose Orominerva garlic sprouts in oil

A unique oil in oil, to be discovered with pleasure: with red garlic sprouts, the focus is on new and diversified trends in consumer tastes. We have responded by putting garlic sprouts in oil to enhance a less conventional and extraordinarily valuable delicacy, reserved for niche production and distribution.

It is in fact the garlic flower, a part of the plant with remarkable properties in terms of both nutrients and taste. The taste is different from that of garlic, delicate and very pleasant, unusual to find and unique.

The floral scape comes from Sulmona red garlic, a raw material grown by trusted producers in nearby Abruzzo, an indigenous bulb considered to be an Italian excellence. We process it delicately, so that it preserves its organoleptic qualities, cutting it into small pieces and lightly blanching it before preserving it with our EVO oil.

As with all our vegetables in oil, we use no preservatives, only 100% Italian ingredients and Orominerva extra virgin olive oil, which is great to serve.

Sulmona red garlic

Direct comparisons with others in the sector result in choices that contribute to creating new and diversified flavours. For the garlic shoots we have chosen a noble bulb, with important characteristics both from a dietary and organoleptic point of view.

Sulmona red garlic has been grown for centuries in Abruzzo. It is among the most prized varieties of Italian garlic, distinguished by its so-called red tunic, which is coated with garlic cloves. It is also rich in essential oils and pharmacologically recognised beneficial properties, as well as characteristic and penetrating aromas.

It is from such an exclusive raw material that we have decided to make garlic shoots to put in oil, safeguarding the value of a product of the earth worthy of being brought to the attention of the most ambitious palates.

Ideas for enjoying garlic shoots in oil

Garlic shoots in oil deserve to be tried in many different ways, first and foremost as a side dish. When dressed with the same oil in the jar - our extra virgin olive oil - they are a pleasure to serve as an appetiser or with meat and fish dishes. An everyday delight and a delicacy to share at the table on the best of occasions.

Excellent as a topping for bruschetta, our red garlic sprouts can also be a unique ingredient in vegetable-based dishes such as soups.

Garlic sprouts origin Italy (66%)

Extra virgin olive oil (33%)

Wine vinegar


Energy values: 155 kcal - 649 kJ

Carbohydrates: 9,3 g, of which sugars 9,3 g

Fat: 4,2 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0,5 g

Protein: 2,7 g

Salt: 0,25 g

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