Sun-dried tomatoes

Orominerva sun-dried tomatoes in oil are fresh tomatoes dried under the sun, seasoned with a pinch of salt, parsley and oregano and dipped in our extra virgin olive oil.

An unexpected delicacy that can be served at the table in many different ways, from sandwich and piadina fillings to simple side dishes, a great way to enjoy their full flavour.
Not the usual flavour: our tomatoes in oil have a unique, unprecedented taste that deserves to be tasted.

Garlic-free. Preservative-free.

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210 g


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Why choose Orominerva sun-dried tomatoes in oil

We have entrusted our sundried tomatoes in oil with the task of impressing even the most demanding palates. We pick the finest fresh tomatoes and process them in such a way that they retain all their organoleptic characteristics. We put them in jars together with our EVO oil and a few other ingredients, resulting in a typical, delicate and very pleasant taste in oil.

Our sun-dried tomatoes evoke the flavours and aromas of the classic peasant preparation of Italy in oil. In accordance with tradition, we sun-dry the tomatoes with a pinch of salt and wait until they are perfect for seasoning with parsley and oregano and then add them to our fine extra virgin olive oil. 

We do not use garlic or preservatives, just a few 100% Italian ingredients, put together in our usual way, resulting in an in oil that evokes tradition through an evolved form and a perfect taste balance. 

Orominerva tomatoes in oil are different, the best expression of goodness that delights beyond expectations thanks to an excellent harmony between texture, aromas and fragrances, which is worth discovering. 

An unheard-of flavour

Our tomatoes in oil don't have the usual flavour. We return to the taste of yesteryear, authentic and without any additions, which combines with the very high quality of all the ingredients to bring this goodness back to the pinnacle of pleasure. 

In fact, Orominerva tomatoes in oil are juicy and without the sour aftertaste that can be found in other tomatoes in oil. The taste is full and rich, the texture of the tomato is soft, the scent delicate and inviting, as is the presentation of the product in the jar. 

It is a delicious tomato in oil, which everyone can agree on thanks to its impeccable taste, achieved through a continuous search for perfection. 

It's an unheard-of flavour.

The oil is the key to bringing the tomato in oil to the highest level of quality. Dried tomatoes, like all other Orominerva vegetable preserves, are immersed in our EVO oil, an excellent contribution to the final goodness of the tomatoes, a precious resource not to be drained but to be served at the table or even reused in the kitchen. 

There are several ways of discovering the unique flavour of our dried tomatoes in oil, straight out of the box or more elaborate, exquisite taste experiences to make your own, to relive in a new way but with the same unmistakable pleasure.

New taste experiences with our dried tomatoes in oil

The delicacy of our tomatoes in oil lends itself to all kinds of preparations. At the service of the imagination in the kitchen, they amaze both in their natural state and used in recipes, from first courses to the most delicious fillings. Always in a new way thanks to their exclusive taste.

A refined flavour that is at its best when brought to the table as a side dish. Served as they are, with their EVO oil, our sun-dried tomatoes in oil give that much sought-after pleasure of experiencing real goodness again. This is the best way to taste them and discover their value.

Their sweetness is also a precious ingredient for the most unusual first courses, even cold ones, such as pasta or spelt salads, in which, moreover, our tomatoes guarantee the convenience of being ready-made, so they can be added directly. 

And then there are sandwiches, bruschettas, piadinas and, why not, pizza. Different ideas to delight with originality without renouncing the most important aspect: to enjoy a unique taste experience, possible thanks to a new pleasure, never tried before.

Tomatoes origin Italy (63%)

Extra virgin olive oil (34%)

Wine vinegar


Spices (parsley, oregano)

Energy values: 340 kcal - 1408 kJ

Carbohydrates: 14,9 g, of which sugars 14,9 g

Fat: 28,0 g, of which saturated fatty acids 4,6 g

Protein: 4,2 g

Salt: 3,0 g

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